Mike Stackus may not be playing in York County Amateur Golf Association events next year.

If that's the case, he'll have some hardware to remind of him of his time here.

Stackus, 30, collected his second YCAGA crown on Sunday, firing a 5-under-par 67 to win the York County Mid-Amateur crown at Regents' Glen Country Club. He won by four shots over South Hills' Matt Henry. There was a five-way tie for third among Bill Brenner, T.J. Ostrom, Don Dimoff, Cary Walton and John Lowder Jr.

The event is limited to players 25 years old and older.

Stackus moved here last year after accepting a job at York College as a fund-raiser and won the YCAGA Match Play title. Sunday, he added the Mid-Amateur championship to his resume. However, he recently started working at Johns Hopkins University and moved to the Baltimore area. He's a member at Royal Manchester Golf Links after winning that club's championship last year, but he says he may not continue that membership next year because of the long commute from Baltimore, even though he said he loves the Royal Manchester facility.

Sunday, he showed the York County golfing community what it may be missing with his impressive victory.


"I kept the ball in play all day," he said. "There was only one point where I had any issue where I hit it off line. ... I hit it into the tall stuff on No. 10 and still made par. I've been putting horrible all year, but (Sunday) I had 28 putts and hit 15 greens and made six birdies, and only two were kick-ins."

Stackus said he's been struggling with his game this season, especially his putting, because his new job at Hopkins requires a lot of travel, which limits his practice time. After, shooting an 81 with 36 putts at the York Open recently — a round he called his worst since high school — he said something had to change.

"From that point on I said to myself that 'I have to fix this because I've been hitting the ball like a stud,'" he said. "I really focused on that (putting) the last three or four weeks. Just getting back to basics."

Stackus was surprised the scores weren't a little better on the relatively short Regents' Glen layout. In fact, he said he thought there might be a handful of scores in the 60s. In the end, however, he was the only golfer to accomplish that feat.

"The greens had a lot to do with it. Everything was really soft," he said. "It was wet, and that had a lot to do with how difficult it played. It was lush, too."



Sunday at Regents' Glen Country Club

Mike Stackus (RM) 67

Matt Henry (SH) 71

Bill Brenner (BR) 73

T.J. Ostrom (YCAGA) 73

Don Dimoff (YCAGA) 73

Cary Walton (CCY) 73

John Lowder Sr. (CC) 73

Bruce Smith (BW) 74

Clifton Shank (HR) 74

Bob Ruby (RM) 74

Bobby Stiffler (BA) 74

Josh Arentz (SH) 74

John McClure (CCY) 74

Dave Sirolly (CCY) 74

Doug Bacon (BW) 75

David Bennett (RM) 76

Kevin Haag (YCAGA) 77

Paul Saikia (RG) 77

Ed Knoll (VG) 78

Scott Knouse (CC) 78

Bob Miller (OD) 78

Ted Truman (BA) 78

Brandon Hinderer (YCAGA) 78

Jay Kostenbauder (CC) 79

Randy Grim (CC) 79

Mike Fay (GV) 79

Richard McCracken (Leb) 79

Steve Gekas (RG) 79

Matt Smith (OD) 79

Joseph Bent (CC) 80

Dan Ebner (RE) 80

Phil Mengelkamp (GV) 80

Eric Schaefer (RG) 80

Andrew Hurst (BR) 80

Brian Carazo (RM) 80

Shaun McIntyre (CC) 80

Dustin Jadro (GV) 81

Jessie Kozak (PV) 83

Troy Mummert (RG) 83

Mike Hombach (BR) 84

Ben Haugh (Bridges) 84

Mohan Rengen (RE) 84

Jim Plessinger (HeH) 85

Sean Guerin (BR) 85

Ray Dietrich (BR) 86

Jeff Leib (HR) 86

Chad Dolan (BA) 86

Michael Mikita (BR) 87

Nick Rinker (RG) 89

Darryl Eberly (YCAGA) 90

George Flinn (OD) 91

Gary Sutton (RM) 93

Cole Weaver (RE) 94

Mark Tannehill (CC) 98

Ryan Gregorio (RE) 101

Gary Stewart Jr. (CCY) WD

John Newswanger (BR) WD

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