The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Matthew Groff and Christie Lehmier, both of York.

Francisco Reyes v. Ya keline Gonzalez Montoya, both of Red Lion.

Evan Schaffer and Alyssa Picchini, both of New York City.

Wilford Shannon Jr. and Joanne Ekeledo, both of York.

Matthew Gignac and Nicole Hostetter, both of Lewisberry.

Chad Lutz and Courtney Young, both of Wrightsville.

Claudie Kenion III and Kristen Andrade, both of York.

Justin Acosta and Val erie Kauffman, both of York.

Lake Ober, York Haven, and Katelynn Shelton, Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County.

Cruz Perez, York, and Altagracia Ramirez, Harrisburg.

Marc Heiland and Jen nifer Stern, both of Red Lion.

Douglas Smith and Cindy Stewart, both of Fairview Township.

Wade Noonan and Sara Dusman, both of York.

Tron Smith and Kimber ly Harding, both of York.

Calvin Herman and Brit tany Gaydos, both of Spring Grove.

Jason Dubina and Kir sten Petrella, both of Red Lion.

Philip Given and Allison Bitzer, both of Manchester.

Todd Fields and Megan Schnitzenbaumer, both of Wellsville.


Jeffrey Martin and Andrea Astrachan, both of Lewisberry.

Daniel Roberts and Ashley Himmelright, both of Baltimore.

Scott McCullen and Melanie Knisely, both of York.

Caleb Oldhouser and Lauren Myers, both of York.

David Dodge and Jenni fer Sellers, both of Fairview Township.

Matthew Smith, York, and Angela Hirt, Brogue.

Samuel Seashole II and Jennifer Lewis, both of Hanover.

Steven Smith and Jes sica Pryor, both of York.

Brian Reed and Robin Blackwell, both of York.

Jeffrey Fidler and Betty Krall, both of York.

John Gibson and Kris tine Emel, both of Mountville, Lancaster County.

Stephen Hunt, York, and Emily Cutting, Elizabethtown, Lancaster County.

Joshua Lazarus and Beth Dillon, both of Dallastown.

Steven Robinson Jr. and Erika Gutfleisch, both of York.

Bradley Zeigler Jr. and Jessica Shoff, both of Felton.

Joel Campbell and Nicole Rauhauer, both of Fairview Township.

Shawn Laughman and Renea Strothers, both of Hanover.

Justin Steiner, Hallam, and Lindsey Grosh, York.

Robert Brown Jr. and Lisa Henschke, both of Hanover.

Andrew Shive and Dana Petry, both of Dallastown.

Seth Hansen and Kayla Redding, both of Spring Grove.

Eric Gonzalez-Cadiz and Ann Gallego-Santiago, both of Dover.

Shawn Gemmill and Jennifer Walbert, both of York.

Lucas Mills and Rachel Jones, both of Baltimore.

Justin Delong and Kara Stambaugh, both of Yoe.

Neil Smith and Pamela McWilliams, both of York.

Justin Ramsey and Tif fany Klinedinst, both of Baltimore.

Edward Topper and Karen Thomas, both of Hanover.

Michael Druck and Erica Keller, both of Airville.

Kevin Viering and Paula Warfel, both of York.

Scott Hoff and Amy Gross, both of York.

Robert Handy II and Amanda Clark, both of Dillsburg.

Cory Wesner and Andrea Frey, both of York.

James Friel, Princess Anne, Md., and Teresa Sloat, York.

Steven Strausbaugh and Maria Snyder, both of Dillsburg.

Dismas Mollel, Hyattsville, Md., and Susan Bishai, Washington, D.C.

Jeremiah Patterson and Nicole Nagine, both of York.

Beau Cislo and Andrea Difiore, both of Dover.

Daniel Martin, Warren Center, Bradford County, and Sarah Peters, Felton.

Michael Price and Alba Bautista, both of Washington, D.C.

Timothy Workinger and Carolyn Evans, both of York.

George Tzanakakis, Parkton, Md., and Irene Ko panis, York.

Adam Lawrence and Gretchen Green, both of York.

James Wheedleton, Thomasville, and Emma Ruth, Spring Grove.

Michael Bodell, Stratford, N.J., and Aroonlack Sunjornkogsoong, Bryn Mawr, Montgomery County.

Armistead Leigh III and Cecilia Murray, both of York.

Thomas Hill and Maris sa Arcuri, both of Wrightsville.

John Vickers and Sherry Watson, both of Red Lion.

Sandy Hernandez and Maribel Hernandez, both of Bethlehem, Northampton County.

Josue Zunun and Amber McFarland, both of Chesapeake, Va.

Scott Robidoux and Heather Schoch, both of Arlington, Va.

Brandon Griffith, Cascade, Md., and Trisha Ryan, Glen Rock.

Alan Linsey, Brogue, and Samantha Rudler, York.

Terry Ilgenfritz and Adana Swartz, both of York.

Justin Geedy and Sa mantha Smith, both of Newberry Township.

Kurt Myers and Victoria Sentz, both of Mount Wolf.

Michael Pugliano and Laura Ruth, both of Dallastown.

Benjamin Tharp and Stacy Levin, both of Baltimore.

Jesse Feeser and Bryn Krapf, both of Hanover.

David Seecharran and Marili Rivera, both of York.

Bradley Horne and Nan Bailey, both of Dover.

Henry Mosebrook Jr., York, and Barbara Shue, Thomasville.

Garrett Herrmann and Cassondra Smith, both of York.

Dustin Hersh and Amy Gebhart, both of Hanover.

Robert Grudberg and Oksana Tsykunova, both of Hanover.

Matthew Weikel and Raechel Bupp, both of Dallastown.

Austin Graydus, Elverson, Chester County, and Roshni Panchal, Hatfield, Montgomery County.

John Starceski and Marisa Mendoza, both of York.

Eric Hartwell and Meagan McGaha, both of Windsor.

Nathan Staub and Leidy Rendon-Franco, both of Hanover.

William Clark Jr. and Kelley Stroup, both of Forest Hill, Md.

Mark Merani and Sarah Pope, both of Windsor.

Lance King and Kate lynn Shearer, both of York.

John Miller III and Sa mantha Mittel, both of York.

Tobias Stanford and Shari Doane, both of Lancaster.

Jeremy Spangler and Amy Crawford, both of York.

Maxwell Cox and Tori Barker, both of York.