The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Michael Boyd and Holly Young, both of Dover.

Jose Novoa, York, and Wendy Lopez, Dover.

Charles Huckenberry and Meagan Griffy, both of York.

Aaron Hartman and Melissa Buckingham, both of Hallam.

Jamie Rittenhouse and Crystal-Jean Baker, both of Felton.

Timothy Hart Jr. and Amy Halloran, both of York.

Brandon Wanner and Kara Scheler, both of York.

Nathan Guise and Ashley Kinard, both of Dover.

Joshua Kopp and Jessie McDowell, both of Manchester.

Kevin Wilson and Johanna Meo, both of New Freedom.

Benjamin Novak, York, and Noemie Kebdani, Houston.

Lennox Chisholm and Diana Sinclair, both of York.

Christopher Shaffer and April Lockard,

Luis Rosario and Rebecca Batdorf, both of Emigsville.

Cody Lefevre and Danielle Smith, both of Dover.

Connie Ferguson Jr., York, and Heidi Roller, Steelton, Dauphin County.

Joshua Swisher and Barbara Devore, both of Hallam.

Matthew O'Neill and Lyndsay Burns, both of Glen Rock.

Andy Feliciano and Roxana Fidler, both of York.


David Hisey and Jennifer Vega, both of Shrewsbury.

Dustin Dohm and Lindsey Chambers, both of York.

Joshua Alley and Lindsay Callender, both of York.

Diego Garcia Calzada and Myla Walter, both of Phillipsburg, N.J.

Richard Bittrick and Carol Serio, both of Shrewsbury.

Taylor Branco Antonio and Sokmaly Phon, both of Lancaster.

Jeremy Bartlett and Andrea Campbell, both of Manchester.

Jeffrey Christ and Caitlin Troxell, both of Baltimore.

Calder Leskinen and Ashley Kaufmann, both of Newberry Township.

Joshua Peters and Natasha Brown, both of Fairview Township.

David Sharp III and Carissa Crone, both of York.

Jordan Wagman and Megan Durham, both of York.

Stephen Lebo and Kristie Wright, both of York.

Martin Eichelberger and Virginia Shaffer, both of East Berlin.

Daniel Keller and Andrea Penn, both of Hanover.

James Klyeman and Jamie Leese, both of York.

Noe Candelario and Fabiola Ruelas Manzo, both of York.

Byron Whippenman and Nicole Gill, both of York.

Jeffrey Grow and Jennifer Walker, both of York.

Zachary Spahr and Amanda Danner, both of York.

Manuel De Jesus Pena Moncion and Melinda Aponte, both of York.

James Lasken and Elizabeth Gross, both of York Haven.

Michael Parson and Alvita Riley, both of York.

Graham Molinaro and Melissa Modugno, both of Bel Air, Md.

Chad Sterling and Brie Luttenberger, both of York.

Samuel Hahn and Virginia Shalkey, both of Philadelphia.

David Kraly, Dover, and Melinda Carey, Newberry Township.

Patrick Patterson and Kayla Magilton, both of Dover.

Donald Kline, Yoe, and Florence Preisano, Dallastown.

Benjamin Gangloff and Elizabeth Litchfield, both of Dover.