The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Ryan Renoll and Emily Kasten, both of Spring Grove.

Dana Crawford, York, and Casey Fitch, Wrightsville.

Cory Grove and Ashley Forbes, both of Glen Rock.

Christopher Giambanco and Allison Klouse, both of Dover.

Barney Otto, Jacobus, and Danielle Grasso, Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County.

Larry Buckner Jr. and Ranee Barton, both of Titusville, Crawford County.

Joseph Leong Jr. and Lindsay Berry, both of York.

Brian Boyer and Shawn Slothower, both of Dover.

Brian Johnson, Fairview Township, and Nicolle Pope, York Haven.

Justin Sevier, Parkton, Md., and Christine Ferenc, Pylesville, Md.

Jeremy Klunk, Hallam, and Kelsey Hallacher, Wrightsville.

Levi Keenan and Meghan Taylor, both of York.

Joseph Smith and April Helt, both of Mount Joy, Lancaster County.

Erik Hacker and Alaina Myers, both of Dover.

Aaron Amspacher and Kayla Crone, both of Hanover.

Anand Badgujar and Rebecca Giles, both of Rosedale, Md.

Joshua Harmon and Kimberly Schaffer, both of Nottingham, Md.


Charles Zane II and Allison Sherwood, both of York.

Christopher Montagna and Alison Good, both of Odenton, Md.

Wayne Stahle III and Alicia Dickensheets, both of York.

Joseph Weihbrecht Jr., York, and Stephanie Gill, Hershey, Dauphin County.

Jonathan Jusino-Ramirez and Katixa Colon-Velez, both of York.

Ismail Uddin, Philadelphia, and Tangia Chowdhury, York.

Alberto Reyes and Shioban Bermudez, both of York.

David Coy and Amy Boyd, both of Red Lion.

Andrew Berry and Christine Brandon, both of Hershey, Dauphin County.

Dustin Stuhre and Kirstie McCann, both of Dallastown.

Andrew Pantzer and Stephanie Billet, both of Felton.

Damion Lehman and Rachel Yelton, both of Hanover.

Nicholas Whitman and Vanessa Cain, both of York.

Chauncey Garrett and Cheyenne Fahringer, both of Abbottsotwn, Adams County.

Jessie Morrison and Samantha Phillips, both of Essex, Md.

Jeffrey Ragland and Jill Wueschinski, both of York.

Jesse Wildner and Sarah Braham, both of York.

Bryan Walker and Kelly McClure, both of York.

Josue Rene, Douglassville, Berks County, and Guerloude Myrthil, Hanover.

Ray Rosario and Justine Harr, both of Dallastown.

Jesse Hilbert and Ashlie Bisking, both of Dover.

Zech Stehman, Newberry Township, and Rebecca Snyder, Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County.

Seth Shaffer and Erin Muller, both of Fairview Township.

David Wood and Lori Ramer, both of York.

Nathan Kormondy and Parichad Kaewka, both of Elizabethtown, Lancaster County.

Thomas Miner and Michele Keys, both of Taneytown, Md.

Burak Combs and Carol Condori, both of New Park.

Jason Hoeltzle and Kristina Glatfelter, both of Dover.

Mark Rossi and Lauren Marron, both of Red Lion.

Jeffrey Kinard and Myrna Jones, both of York.

Kenneth Johnson, Greenville, S.C., and Anna Block, Baltimore.

Jed Lucabaugh and Nichole Altland, both of Glen Rock.

David Menhart and Samantha Staley, both of Red Lion.

Nathan Wagner and Sara Smith, both of New Freedom.

Jeff Herman and Stefanie Zimmerman, both of Hallam.

Michael Ort Sr. and Susan Smith, both of Manchester.

Dustin Wolfgang and Katie Startzel, both of Glenville.

Robert Greene and Donna Keiser, both of Red Lion.

Matthew Redding and Lacey Zinn, both of York.

Thomas Grothey and Ramona Cuc, both of Dallastown.

Paul Yeager, Capitol Heights, Md., and Amber Neuville, Lancaster.

Matthew Slater and Samantha Sanboeuf, both of York.

William Colin and Jacy Niemiec, both of Mount Wolf.

Robert Sergeant Jr. and Tabetha Sweitzer, both of York.

James Bernoudy and Lori Weiss, both of Mount Wolf.

Michael Stephenson and Heather Thompson, both of York.

Michael McWilliams and Audra Hartlove, both of Hanover.

Mark Homisak and Shalisa Taylor, both of York.

Christopher Dougherty and Stefanie Robinson, both of Pylesville, Md.

Justin Gerber and Kerilee Keuerleber, both of York.

Paul Fuller and Janet Jaeger, both of York.

Terry Plitt Sr. and Patricia Schomann, both of Hanover.

Zachary Kerlin, Calvin, Huntingdon County, and Abigail Grothey, Spring Grove.

Jonathan Nagel and Katie Sweeney, both of Mount Wolf.

Ryan Schmaltz and Alyssa Hyatt, both of Red Lion.