The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Gregory Gross and Lauren McLane, both of York.

Randy Leiphart and Elaine Sweitzer, both of Wrightsville.

Jonathan Santiago and Kanika Smith, both of York.

Gabriel Phillips and Kathy Chipps, both of Red Lion.

Paul Kulishek, Reisterstown, Md., and Barbara Byham, Meadville, Crawford County.

Michael Wolferman and Carrie Madenford, both of York.

Adam Brown and Jennifer Wells, both of Dillsburg.

David Ort and Tahnja Hughes, both of Lewisberry.

Stephen Patterson and Kara Black, both of York.

Byron Lecates and Crystal Miller, both of York.

Bruce Hardy III and Brandy Berkheimer, both of Hallam.

Mario Marquez and Islanda Corniel-Garcia, both of York.

Nicholas Freter and Ashlee McCabe, both of Timonium, Md.

Nathan Humphrey and Nikole Boston, both of Mount Wolf.

Howard Jackson Jr. and Nicole Eckman, both of York.

William Evans and Kim Wallace, both of Wrightsville.

Robert Cook III and Amanda Kline, both of Dover.

Chad Scrivens and Samantha Hughes, both of York Haven.


Gehazi Santana and Jacqueline Coulson, both of York.

Joshua Higgins, Glen Rock, and Jenne Schwinn, Stewartstown.

Andrew Martin and Margaret Smith, both of York.

Stephen Whiteley, York, and Joyce Freeman, Lewisberry.

David Ritter Jr., York, and Denielle Oburn, Burnham, Mifflin County.

David Walker Jr. and Desiree Smith, both of York.

Ryan Howard and Angela Sindlinger, both of York.

Kevin Louder and Kristen Livelsberger, both of Dover.

Severian Keller and Hannah Kline, both of Spring Grove.

Corey Kling and Jessica Grimm, both of Thomasville.

Brandon Markle and Ashley Hoover, both of Red Lion.

Thomas Traino Sr. and Beverly Pease, both of York.

Jose Montes, York, and Neiva Coutinho, Long Branch, N.J.

Gregory Myers Jr. and Tracey Clouser, both of Dillsburg.

Justin Geltmacher and Sara Villiard, both of York.

Gregory Lutz and Elizabeth Steiner, both of York.

Frederick Graves and Alice Deeghan, both of Wrightsville.

Tyler Lebo and Lindsay Shanahan, both of Dillsburg.

Gary Noll and Delane Carey, both of York.

Timothy Cama and Jennifer Gera, both of Washington, D.C.

Jason Rose and Nichole Clayton, both of Dover.

Brenden Buckley and Darby Sneeringer, both of Hanover.

David Lenox and Rebecca Baran, both of Baltimore.

Tristan Bennett and Melinda Owens, both of Hallam.

Joshua Jones and Bria Hynes, both of Hanover.

Alexander Jacoby and Adrianna Bixler, both of York.

Andrew Bower and Genee Atwater, both of Wrightsville.

Chad Kohler, Dallastown, and Emily Snow, New Oxford, Adams County.

Matthew Hirsch and Jacqueline Shindle, both of Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County.

Thai Nguyen and Ruth Ann Medina, both of Dover.

Michael Markle and Jodi Little, both of Hanover.

Rafael Ruiz and Kimberly Pavlick, both of Dallastown.

John Lebo and Rose Ann Groft, both of Dallastown.

Terry Dubbs II and Kaylee Sensenig, both of York.

Brandon Sims and Jennifer Rogers, both of York.

Stephen Dickson and Crystal Cameron, both of Fawn Grove.

Anthony Storck, Red Lion, and Stevie Greek, Delta.

Alfred Deardorff and Derika Smith, both of Red Lion.

Keith Smith and Kelly Aubel, both of Red Lion.

Travis Rodrick and Margaret Huber, both of York.

Michael Kula and Alexandra Dockery, both of York.

Derek Deimler and Megan Gallelli, both of Newberry Township.

Andrew Edmonston and Valerie Baer, both of Baltimore.

Darren Cheng and Robin Cheng, both of York.

Ronald Kindig and Diane Billet, both of Dover.

Steven Hall, Coaldale, Schuykill County, and Carlene Frye, Newberry Township.