The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Christian Borge and Rebecca Timmermans, both of Mount Wolf.

George Sorg and Jennifer Zajkowski, both of York.

Paul Barber and Dawn Beck, both of Dallastown.

Moses Coleman III and Kohleen Weedon, both of York.

James Sneddon, and Candice Fry, both of York.

Paul Lentz II and Katie Miles, both of York.

Steven Wakefield and Rebecca Mazzara, both of York.

Adel Dautovic and Sehida Mesic, both of Hanover.

Wayne Stahle III and Alicia Dickensheets, both of York.

Kenneth Yinger and Stephanie Selby, both of York.

Louis Sauer and Michele Winchester, both of Hanover.

Ethan Curry and Heather Spangler, both of Dover.

Corey Huggins Sr. and Heidi Norman, both of Dover.

Michael Minetos and Melissa Minetos, both of Hanover.

Jeremy Plummer and Laura Wong Thens, both of Dover.

Ralph Spradley and Melissa Henry, both of York.