The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Derrick Hurley and Nicole Wert: both of Hanover.

Louis Piero IV and Kelly Berkey: both of Wrightsville.

Jared Nicholas and Ellen Carter: both of York.

Fernando Torres-Molina and Carla Paz-Castillo: both of York.

Roland Yelton and Ashley McDermitt: both of Hanover.

Christopher Ross and Susan Fisher: both of York.

Adrian Cordova Lazaro and Elisa Aguilar Melchor: both of Hanover.

Chau Truong and Chi Nguyen: both of York.

Richard Snell Jr. and Kathy Sulzer: of York and Manchester.

Adrick Montalvo Cancel and Joshua Garcia Vargas: both of York.

James Campbell and Dianne Washington: both of York.

Shannon Van Cleef Starke and Kenyatta Echols: both of Dallastown.

Bobby Figdore and Lisa Ream: both of York.


Justyn Miley and Angel Carney: both of York.

Brandt Stough and Rebecca Crotty: both of York.

Larry Jones and Linda Willow: both of Hanover.

Jason Siesko and Michelle Johnson: both of Columbia, Md.

Jason Hake and Aleisha Patrizio: both of York.

Rowan Lucas and Angela Campbell: both of Mechanicsburg.

Adam Brillhart and Lori Kopp: both of Hanover.

Michael Mitzel and Debra Kempson: both of York.

Mark Kirkpatrick and Kristi Wipperfurth: both of Dillsburg.

Michael Douglas and Stephanie Sweet: of Columbia, Md. and Glenside, Montgomery County.