The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Philip Dyck and Clarissa Warner: of Harvey, N.D. and Selby, S.D.

Frederick D'Allaird and Yiyang Guo: of York and Arlington, Va.

Justin May and Kyla Ensor: both of York.

Joseph Garcia and Esperanza Alvarez-Arroyo: both of York.

Keith Kittler and Heather Watkins: both of York.

George Skouras and Alyson Rhynold: both of York.

Jose Diaz Custodio and Yolicel Nieves: of Tacoma, Wash. and York.

Thomas Hall and Jillian Torres: both of York.

Matthew Landrum and Kiersten Clark: of York and Elizabethtown, Lancaster County.

Kyle Mummert and Brianne Wagaman: both of York New Salem.

Jerell Gibson and Leiny Pineda: of Dover and York.

Jackson Ericson and Jenna Staub: both of York.

Shawn Welchans and Ashley Holtzapple: both of Bonner, Mont.

Brenden Reilly and Shontay Ream: both of York.

David Hamme and Teresa Harrell: both of Hanover.

Timothy Houtz and Colleen Ranney: of Newberry Township and Camp Hill, Cumberland County.

Brandon Forthman Sr. and Jennifer Seager: both of Red Lion.

Daniel Diaz and Lennes Vega-Vazquez: both of York.

Scott Frederick and Rachel Glouner: of Windsor and Willow Street, Lancaster County.

Christopher Vera and Emma Rose Baylis: of York and Windsor, England.

Glen Coghill and Danae Seamon: of Dallastown and Derwood, Md.

Corey Stoner II and Aubrey Sgro: of York and Mount Wolf.

John Baker and Suzanne Schwille: both of Dillsburg.

Donta Sease and Autumn Mosley: both of York.

Robert Palmer and Sarah Klunk: of York and New Oxford, Adams County.

Edward Hengst and Debbie Sample: both of Glen Rock.

Richard Walters II and Audrey Romberger: both of Lewisberry.

Nelson Colon Pimentel and Melissa Almodovar: both of York.

Joshua Caplinger and Christina Pennington: both of Wrightsville.

Charlie Vargas Delgado and Beatriz Oquendo: both of York.

David Stokes and Carol Radich: both of Dillsburg.

Brandon Savercool and Lory Alvarado: both of Dover.

Nicolus Daugherty and Jennifer Woy: both of Hanover.

Jason Wallace and Taylor St. Clair Dukehart: of Warrenton, Va. and Westminster, Md.

Brett Baker and Katelyn Hancock: both of Shippensburg.

Ronald Cline and Juanita Allen: both of York.

Brandon Breneman and Mandie Claiborne: both of York.

Andrew McKnight Jr. and Melody Diaz: both of York.

Judah Greenfield Sliker and Angela Strausbaugh: both of Abbottstown.

Md Abul Hossain and Lucinda Vacchino: both of York.

Patrick Dent and Mariah Rizzo: of Parkton, Md., and Glen Rock.

Robert Stone and Tanya Mikos: of Newville and York Haven.

Corey Kopp and Katie Forbes: both of Codorus.

Christopher Carpenter and Jolene Witmer: both of Glenville.