The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Dennis Perry and Kristin Shue: both of York.

Milford Zeiders Jr. and Kathleen Forte: both of York.

Stephen Lobianco and Jenna Gormley: of York and Bryn Mawr, Delaware County.

Paul Henry III and Veronique Bair: both of Manchester.

Michael Warnick and Dezirae Stewart: of Manchester and Dover.

John Snyder Jr. and Christine Ensor: both of Hanover.

Phillip Glatfelter II and Rachael Sager: both of York.

Gerald Lighty and Katherine Bobb: both of Dover.

David Meyers and Deborah Trone: both of Hanover.

Richard Nolden Sr. and Dawn Wood: both of York.

Lavar Smith and Tiffany Taylor: both of York.

Anthony DeGuiseppi and Lindsey Trunzo: of Owings Mills, Md., and Lincoln University, Chester County.

Sean Mummert and Jennifer Wivell: of York and Windsor.

Stephen Kolar and Carissa Koons: of Red Lion and York.

Derek Kay and Lauren Clemens: both of York Haven.

Luis Ledesma and Marilyn Ortega-Camacho: both of York.

Ryan Gunarich and Shonna Steckbeck: both of Wrightsville.

Joseph Frey and Emily Frey: both of Dover.

Charles Thompson and Caitlin Markline: both of Glen Rock.


Dwight Wilt Jr. and Larissa Delp: of Glen Rock and Spring Grove.

Nicholas Farace and Heather McMillen: both of Hanover.

Shawn Hilliard and Jamie Larose: both of Hallam.

Gregory Dove and Buu Lam: both of Manchester.

Richard Dorotheo and Karen Cardinal: both of Abingdon, Md.

Alan Myers and Valerie Augustine: both of York.

Grant Izzo and Alyson Sharer: both of Manchester.

James Kulak Jr. and Megan Snyder: both of Dover.

Paul Renard IV and Danielle Reachard: of Manchester and York.

James Tomek Jr. and Donna Brady: both of New Cumberland.

Brian Leese and Nicole Matson: both of York.

Edward Felty Sr. and Nicholl Broadwater: both of Hanover.

Walter Lighty III and Janella Engelhart: both of Wrightsville.

Jeffrey Wright Jr. and Amanda Conrad: of Lewisberry and York Haven.

Daniel Leonhard and Madison Bray: both of Dover.

Thomas Folk and Stacey Hoskins: both of York.

Steven Miller and Cynthia Stambaugh: of York and Hallam.

Chad Douglass and Tina Shearer: both of Brogue.