The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Kurt McKinley and Ashleigh Kessler: of Dallastown and Felton.

Jordan Hinkle and Emmaline Shambeda: both of York Haven.

Benjamin Davis and Nicole Huber: both of Fawn Grove.

Ronald Morales and Rachel Rorke: both of Durham, N.C.

Daniel Sterner and Christine Vaughan: both of Spring Grove.

Zachary Anthony and Carin Hewett: of Dover and York.

Ronald Heller Jr. and Brianna Godfrey: both of York.

Devin Blackburn and Erin Everett: of Aberdeen, Md., and Bel Air, Md.

Justin Seager and Traci Berkheimer: both of Wellsville.

Nathan Boyle and Marisa Herman: both of Spring Grove.

Douglas Paradies and Stephanie Main: both of York.

Joshua Geibe and Gretchen Wary: both of York.

Michael Barnette and Betty Leibhart: both of Wrightsville.

Andrew Boyce and Eileen Dawson: both of Dover.

Joseph Paul Jr. and Angela Court: of APO N.Y., and Woodbridge Suffolk, U.K.

William Bryson and Monica Thomas: both of Dover.

Zachary Hudson and Alisha Self: both of Hanover.

Shawn Widener and Crystal Neal: of Shrewsbury and New Freedom.

Allen Harris and Amy Holloway: of Red Lion and New Freedom.

William Hanlon II and Rebecca Lefever: both of Hallam.


Jacob Rey and Courtney Rohrbaugh: both of York.

Danh Thanh Nguyen and Chau Thi Phuong Ngo: both of York.

William Gagnon and Susan Thomes: both of Spring Grove.

Brian Zappe and Diane Crandall: both of Lewisberry.

Harry Groff III and Erin McMenamin: both of York.

David Foley and Jennifer Bell: both of Harrisburg.

Gordon Braun and Crystal Miller: of Wellsville and Harrisburg.

Jeremy Shoemaker and Kelcie Smith: both of Dover.

Mark Bowers and Norma Padilla: both of York.

James Crawford and Kimberly Kelly: both of Mount Wolf.

Simon Skudder and Lauren Wentz: both of Dover.

Malekai Miller Sr. and Tracy Tinkey: both of York.

Dane Ott and Heather Lecrone: both of Akron, Lancaster County.

Andrew Malcolm and Elizabeth Koch: of Waynesboro, Franklin County, and Hanover.

Ryan Hill and Elise Senic: both of Breinigsville, Lehigh County.

Kenneth Klinedinst Jr. and Lacy Walker: both of Hanover.

Justin Davis and Stacey Winter: both of York.

Daniel Kluegel and Sherlynn Reimold: both of York.

Ernesto Fierro and Wanda Savarese: both of Hanover.

Thomas Brant III and Savannah Milburn: both of Hanover.

William James and Michelle Smith: both of York.

Lon-Michael Keeley and Rebecca Laneri: both of Arlington, Va.

Timothy Cordoba and Afton Cappello: both of Philomont, Va.

Joshua Beall and Kathy Bothell: both of Somers, N.Y.

David Sharp and Tina Smith: both of Dover.

Justin Jones and Anastasia Dumczyk: both of Wrightsville.

Charlie Smith and Sarah Marine: both of York.

Ernest Carlson and Amber James: of Salix, Cambria County, and Hanover.

Thomas Killian Jr. and Lindsey Engbert: both of Palmyra, Lebanon County.

Jonathan Urey and Erica Chalk: both of York.

Michael Fox Jr. and Randi Liddick: both of York.

Chadburn Lagore and Jasmine Barnshaw: both of Spring Grove.

Brooks Thompson and Andrea Wimmer: both of Red Lion.

Eliezer Torres and Jane Diluigi: both of York.

Raul Ceron Aguilar and Brandi Weyant: both of Manchester.

Rodney Roach Jr. and Sasha Keller: both of York.

Cody Fidler and Kayla Crespo: both of Hanover.

Charles Primmer and Lida Sterner: both of Dover.