The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Mark Brubaker and Elizabeth Dougherty: of Gardners, Adams County, and Hanover.

Soriano Diaz-Garcia and Rosario Reyes-Ceja: both of York.

Troy Kahler and Angela Kolsovsky: both of York.

Bruce Bolen and Ava Valentine: both of Mount Wolf.

Jordan Matthews and Sarah Swartz: of Red Lion and York.

Darren Freed and Brittany Godfrey: both of York.

Kevin Lackland Sr. and Roslyn Kirk: both of Belcamp, Md.

Paul Foust and Terri Boyd: both of York.

Julian Scribner and Alana Mayhorne: both of York.

Samuel Null and Susan McDonald: both of York.

Matthew Smith and Johanna Baublitz: of Lancaster and York.

Christopher Dorsey and Megan Berkheimer: both of Dover.

Andrew Rosen and Emily Kline: both of Baltimore.

Anthony Cook and Nakeria Griffin: both of Alexandria, Va.

Charles Peters and Chelsea Baugher: of Stewartstown and Glenville.

James Thomas and Tracy Powell: of Windsor and Red Lion.

Austin Howe and Kelsey Diehl: of Downingtown, Chester County, and Fairfield, Adams County.

Todd Elicker and Ava Babcock: both of Stewartstown.

Robert Kucherich and Kara Hughes: both of York.


Matthew Sibio and Destiny Siple: both of Manchester.

Daniel Schaale and Lindsey Parker: both of Glen Burnie, Md.

Luke Saylor and Justine Rhone: both of Newberry Township.

Roy Snyder and Amber Creamer: of Brogue and Pasadena, Md.

Jonathan Angelilli and Melissa Wickman: both of Red Lion.

Mark Martin Jr. and Tychia Folk: both of York.

Ryan Lauer and Sara Phillips: both of Newberry Township.

Benjamin Finch and Heather Smith: both of Bowie, Md.

Andrew Wood and Amy Wonder: both of York.

Mark Thompson and Lois Sumney: both of Newberry Township.

Oleksandr Helych and Hanna Verenko: both of East Earl, Lancaster County.

Darya Karim and Kayla Morse: both of Dillsburg.

Douglas Dyer Jr. and Dana Dodd: both of York Haven.

Cory Davenport and Haley McClaflin: both of Berwick, Columbia County.

Casey Kiser and Amanda Webb: both of New Freedom.

Johnny George Jr. and Anastasia Djadjarova: both of Glen Burnie, Md.

Lewis Broadwater Jr. and Veronica Hain: both of Glen Rock.

Christopher Matthai and Kristie Houser: both of Middle River, Md.

William Hoover and Carla Martin: of York and Red Lion.

Jeremiah Spiga and Jocelyn Bishop: both of Baltimore.

Sean Gorman and Sarah Nearhood: both of Baltimore.

Cody Frey and Ashley Moodie: of Red Lion and Windsor.

Richard Mathieu and Nicky Smith: both of York.

Joseph Herche Jr. and Abby Fisher: of Prince Frederick, Md., and Baltimore.

James Vergos and Jan Lawson: both of York.

Shaun Wagner and Cortni Rentzel: both of Dover.

Robert Oliphant and Kristy Mather: both of Red Lion.

George Purcell II and Marlana Wheeland: of Washington, D.C., and Liberty, Tioga County.

Derek Gregory and Amanda Ruth: both of Manchester.

Christopher Kulkusky and Erin James: both of York.

Dale Kessler and Breanna Robbins: of York and Dover.

Philip Shepp Sr. and Barbara McCubbin: both of York.

Richard Apple and Debra Welkner: both of Dover.

Joshua Seder and Julia Megyesy: both of Falls Church, Va.

Robert Iannarelli and Elizabeth Ramage: both of Wayne, Delaware County.

Nathan Arnold and Hannah Knepper: of Winona Lake, Ind., and York.

Robert Elser and Friedel Liebe-Savage: both of York.

Paul Soto and Sharon Tearney: both of York.

Rodrigo Rosas and Justina Santiago-Alvarez: both of Spring Grove.

Christohper Brey and Krystel Lahr: both of York.

John Yingling Sr. and Leanna Sanford: both of York.

Jesse Johnson and Alyssa Keys: both of York.

Antonio Avola Jr. and Tina Heiland: both of York.

Anthony Craig and Courtney Farley: of New Freedom and Felton.

Seth Beitz and Sarah Kerfoot: of Mifflintown, Juniata County, and Stewartstown.

Bart Kornbau and Amanda Winemiller: both of York.

Matthew Swope and Melinda Johns: both of Hallam.

Alexander Lehman and Shelby Bohnert: both of Seven Valleys.

Thomas Johnson Jr. and Minnie Shaull: both of Airville.

Kyle Miller and Jayda Rohrbaugh: both of York.

Ryan Kessler and Jessica Fauth: of Spring Grove and Red Lion.

Justin Stank and Rebecca Frey: both of Hanover.

Agustin Avila and Veronica Reyes: both of York.