The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Clayton Gable and Mary Evans: both of Eric, Colo.

Jacob Houser and Sharon Gray: of York and Westminster, Md.

Kevin Loucks Jr. and Keilah Firestone: both of Dallastown.

Steven Thomas and Andrea Luban Tobing: of York and Seven Valleys.

Steven Miller and Jennifer Galloway: both of Dillsburg.

Colten Workinger and Allison Holtzinger: both of York.

Bruce Smith and Amy Hough: both of Wrightsville.

Ian Eisenhart and Krystal McCoy: both of York.

Thinh Tran and Tran Tran: both of York.

Cody Myers and Emily Smith: both of Hanover.

Adam Tufano and Diana Young: both of Hanover.

Matthew Feeser and Janice Truitt: both of Mount Wolf.

Michael Stough and Megan Stough: both of Dover.

Robert Hoak and Sara Sipe: both of York.

Sean Wolgemuth and Courtney Eidemiller: both of Wrightsville.

Justin Hoffman and Renee Kett: both of Manchester.

Cody Bullock and Aleksandra Dorsey: both of York.

Randy Simpson and Debra Moorehead: both of Red Lion.

Paul Kramer and Christine Fetter: of Emigsville and Bendersville, Adams County.

Justin Krebs and Christine Geiselman: both of York.

Rodney Swords and Melissa Warner: both of York Haven.


Henry Edwards IV and Kimberly Cornwell: both of Hanover.

George Taylor and Nicole Nemtzov: both of Dover.

Charles Himmel Jr. and Ashly Griffith: of Delta and Fawn Grove.

Robert White III and Jessica Wagner: both of Red Lion.

Christopher Chapman and Jessica Slaugh: both of Lancaster.

Travis Dehoff and Lawren Wood: both of York.

Matthew Kelly and Alicia Blevins: both of Hanover.

James Southard and Katie Winter: both of Evansville, Ind.

Richard Spencer and Kim Chuyen: both of York.

Vincent Jackson and Allison Johnson: of Crozet, Va., and Wrightsville.

Jaime Escobar and Isabel Blount: both of York.

Brandon Storm and Julia Roehner: both of Dillsburg.

Steven Lane Jr. and Angela Barshinger: both of York.

David Johnson and Angela Baumler: both of Dundalk, Md.

Robert Hengst and Marion Lower: both of Manchester.

Jesse Chronister and Lauren Steele: both of Dover.

Matthew Deitrick and Jennifer Flinchbaugh: both of Yoe.

Larry Fake and Donna Paulus: both of Windsor.

Ronald Bagley Jr. and Rachel Stoddart: of Seven Valleys and New Oxford.

Anthony Walton and Kaitlyn Miles: both of York.

Kenneth Neiman and Crystal Eltz: both of Mount Wolf.

Joshua Van Hine and Erin Peddicord: of York and Towson, Md.

Carl Clouser III and Amanda Jarvis: both of York Haven.

Dwight Quichua and Kristen Koons: both of Dover.

Seth Swartzbaugh and Amelia Myers: both of Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County.

Andrew Polashuk and Caroline Hoff: of Hanover and Spring Grove.

Daniel Burns and Tina Noll: both of York.

Christopher Coval and Liann Sensenig: both of Dover.

Vincent Demasi and Rachel Hilker: both of York.

John Kinard and Lindsay Harlacker: both of York.

Michael Hester-Bey Sr. and Anna Velez: both of York.

Michael Feucht and Na Wu: of York and New York City.

Leon McClymont III and Debra Bucklin: both of York.

Richard Stewart and Amy Graham: both of New Cumberland.

Vladimir Masnic and Ardeania Rader: of Chicago and Newberry Township.

Michael Carroll II and Christina Staub: both of Littlestown, Adams County.

Nelson Toro Ayala and Amilda Rivera Toro: both of York.

Ronald Saylor and Ann Verbeten: both of Frederick, Md.

Jacob Winograd and Brianna Stambaugh: of Red Lion and Dallastown.

Scott Myers and Christine Wright: both of Red Lion.

Rolkabir Gonzalez Quintana and Sharleen Vallejos: both of York.

Daren Bievenour and Paula Davis: both of Abbottstown, Adams County.

Justin Walker and Sabrina McLaughlin: both of Seven Valleys.

Brent Miller and Brittney Shearer: both of York.

Darin Hosier and Gina Rosenquist: both of Red Lion.