The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Steven Jaggard and Hannah Walsh: both of York.

Christopher Campbell and Marybeth Nascondiglio: both of Falls Church, Va.

Colt Eppley and Victoria Szmajda: both of Dallastown.

Christopher McBride and Lindsey Waite: both of Haddonfield, N.J.

Erik Schoener and Allison Miles: both of Fairview Township.

Jeremy Dettinger and Deanna Gillen: both of Hallam.

Steven Bryson and Melissa Connelly: both of New Castle, Del.

Stephen Schaubhut Jr. and Carol Pierson: both of York.

Kevin Westover and Laura Crum: both of York.

Jonathan Fauth and Kelly Frysinger: both of East Prospect.

Patrick Griffin and Lindsey Smith: both of York.

Timothy Holt Jr. and Michelle Mather: both of York.

Zachary Werner and Heather Eisenhart: both of Spring Grove.

Yong Kim and Mi Kim: both of Red Lion.

Zachary Dietz and Fahne Kauffman: of Red Lion and York.

Christian Lamanna and Bethann Lau: both of Windsor.

Shaun Moose and Naomi Huson: both of York.

John Yorgey Sr. and Silvia Dugan: both of York.

Jacob Gembe and Megan Sigman: both of York.

Mary Frey and Leah Ellingson: both of York.

Kirk Altmanshofer and Scott Snyder: both of Lewisberry.


Matthew Blessing and Pamela Dinello: both of New Cumberland.

Christopher Sherren II and Katie Ferguson: of Hampstead, Md., and Dover.

William Guntrum and David Satterlee: both of York.

Michael Wolfe and Paul Hallinger Jr.: both of Hanover.

Richard Chilcoat III and Samantha Brown: both of Felton.

Joshua Nixdorf and Amber Reed: both of Wrightsville.

Roosevelt Nelson and Chiquita Hopkins: both of York.

Daniel Williams and Alyssa Tuttle: of Red Lion and York.

Desiree Warnken and Michele Nardozzi: both of Newberry Township.

Deidre Ludwick and Joyce Werner: both of York.

Richard Dymond and Amber Jones: both of New Freedom.

Christopher Shade and Genesis Baughman: both of Spring Grove.

Shawn Noel and Nicole Gallagher: both of Hanover.

Robert Landis Jr. and Michelle Robinson: of Felton and York.

Jaymie Maines and Angelique Campbell: both of Thomasville.

Edgardo Rodriguez and Burjs Laurel: both of York.

Kristopher Thompson and Wayne Staib: both of York.

Andris McKinley and Marielle Scarpati: both of Mount Airy, Md.

Lesha Dallmeyer and Clair Rivera: both of Mount Wolf.

Florian Wintermantel and Christine Hutson: both of York.

Daniel Starceski and Kara Smith: of Red Lion and York.

Steven Hepfer and Lisa Mosner: both of Felton.

Michael Moore Jr. and Ariana Mincey: both of Hanover.

Andrew Bauer and Brittnee Munchel: both of York.

Michelle Norton and Gayle Eubank: both of York.

Sterling Wilson and Gigi Holmes: both of York.

Jesse Pechart and Mindy Griswold: both of York.

Lyhue Wynegar Jr. and Vickie Myers: both of York.

Colin Barton and Katelyn Albright: both of York.

Marie Arcuri and Camilla Richesson: both of Wrightsville.

William Gohn III and Sheila Taylor-Fishpaw: both of Shrewsbury.

Joseph Massicot Sr. and Kara Montour: of Hampstead, Md., and Hanover.

John Lewis and Meleah Miller: both of York.

Steven Funk and Roy Smith: both of York.

Marlene Pirtle and Linda Smallwood: both of Fawn Grove.

Mitchell Highlands and Karly Keller: both of Dover.

Shirley Amspacher and Deborah Little: both of East Berlin.

Michele Russ and Melissa Poff: both of York.

Matthew Stewart and Debra Stewart: both of Windsor.

Michael Stubblefield and Tina Sebeck-Wilderman: of York, Maine, and Jacobus.

Jared Hartman and Abigail Troshak: of Mount Wolf and York.

Robert Berry Jr. and Amber Peltzer: both of Hanover.

Tina Pickren and Jessica Tracey: both of York.

Tara Stokes and Angela Casseday: both of Spring Grove.

Jason Noll and Amanda Aller: both of York.

Timothy Myers II and Bianca Wherley: both of York.

Paul Heffner and Jennifer Lehigh: both of Brogue.

Ozell Glover and Helen Young: both of York.

Gavin Brant and Amanda Grove: of Bel Air, Md., and Jacobus.

Christian King and Breanna Reese: both of York.

Ryan Warner and Miriaha Fetrow: both of York.

Terri Egesdal and Dwight Louey: both of Minneapolis, Minn.

Kingsley Harmer and Colleen Stimmell: both of Fairview Township.

Joshua Wills and Andrea Laycock: both of York.

Gary Jacobs and Paul Sandoe III: both of York.

Allen Haas and Courtney Grym: both of Seven Valleys.

David Price and Jacqueline Rose: both of Red Lion.

Cesar Sanchez Macedonio and Kate Brady: both of Philadelphia.

Jordan Reilly and Kristin Cook: of Lancaster and Dover.

Nicholas Loranzo and Jacquline Rogers: of Middletown and Dover.

Jeremy Smith and Amy Burns: both of Windsor.

Morris Krape Jr. and William Rhoads: both of Lancaster.

Richard Hodgson and Keith Conley: both of Mount Wolf.

Eva Cooper and Kristine Kamp: of York and Spring Grove.