The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Tracey Karr and Steven Shetter: both of York.

Robert Hagen and Lauren Hinkle: both of York.

William Deller and Erin Stine: both of York.

Jennifer Howard and Sue-Tanya Henry: both of York.

Travis Hoban and Lindsey McCleary: both of Dover.

Sumter West Jr. and Nicholas Klise: both of Red Lion.

Brian Simmons and Elisabeth Hittie: both of Shrewsbury.

Timothy Cassidy and Cindy Ching: both of Hanover.

Lukasz Sztobryn and Danielle Myers: both of Shrewsbury.

Matthew Vasold and Michele Benny: of Red Lion and Fawn Grove.

Ronald Messner Sr. and Steven Arnold: both of York.

Charles McGowan Jr. and Kim Gentry: both of York.

Jennifer Smith and Troy Thomason: both of Hanover.

Tanya Harbold and Andrea Leed: both of York.

Hope Shank and Scott Robinson: both of York.

Thomas Lemmon and Caryn Goodhart: both of York.

Gina Reed and Eugene Zangari: of New Cumberland and Newberry Township.

Tammy Helm and Judith Forder: both of Shrewsbury.

Travis Doll and Christina Lakin: both of York.

Margaret Scheibner and Drew Feldman: of Bossier City, La., and Tucson, Ariz.

Dawn Fincham and Brandon Lorea Roby: both of Fawn Grove.


Gregory Sutherland and Candy Warner: both of Spring Grove.

Luke Grove and Terrina Dolin: both of Harrisburg.

Ryan Shuman and Kelsey Rivera: both of Dover.

David Diehl and Robert Johnson Jr.: both of York.

Robert Bryan and Michael Dubbs: both of York.

Jessica Head and Montana Stewart: both of Hanover.

Mark Basich and Danielle Free: both of Baltimore.

Linda Haverstock and Kathy McCauslin: both of Dillsburg.

Jamieson McKay and Bethany Fehlinger: both of York.

Shane McKinsey and Amber Sellers: both of Spring Grove.

Robert Montag and Jessica Erb: both of York.

Neil Todd and Emma Sweitzer: of Thomasville and Glen Rock.

Justin Cardasso and Kelly Shaffer: both of Etters.

Thomas Lepore and Angela Weaver: of York and Sautee, Ga.

Amanda Schroeder and Nathaniel Blevins: both of Manchester.

Reginald Benjamin and Lindsey Browand: both of Lewisberry.

Todd Barbour and Ashly Zartman: both of York.

Julie Seabrooks and Raymond Sechrist: both of Dover.

Morgan Gatz and Jeremy Stone: both of Lynchburg, Va.

Donald Miller and Bonita Eisenhour: both of Dover.

Robert Willwert Jr. and Jennifer Nelson: both of York.

Daniel Lefchak Jr. and Kristin Crager: both of Dillsburg.

David Moose and Jessica Young: both of Hanover.

Kevin Ness and Jenna McClane: both of Red Lion.

Andrew Tucker and Sydney Thro: both of Hanover.

Steven Tawney and Kiersten Clymer: both of Manchester.

Andrew Bostjancic and Ashley Marshall: of Hyattsville, Md., and New Cumberland.

Nkosi Sharpe and Nicole Gillis: both of Bowie, Md.

Alfonso Cruz-Guadarrama and Lezlee Martinez De Los Santos: both of York.

Matthew Otte and Josette Malloy: both of Raleigh, N.C.

Melissa Ruth and Michael Gould: both of Bethesda, Md.

Ryan Baer and Heather Miller: both of Spring Grove.

Ty Stanton and Susan Maze: both of Dover.

Matthew Porter and Nancy Gallant: of Hanover and Wellsboro.

James Runyon and Erin Roy: both of Nottingham, Md.

Marilyn Holmes and Clinton Burkholder: both of Red Lion.

Charlene Senglaub and Wendy Colby: both of Airville.

Gage Karr and Lauren Peddicord: of Washington and Red Lion.

Thuan Phan and Thao Le: both of York.

Garret Christen and Kayla Stambaugh: both of Newberry Township.

Mark Amalfitano and Sara Clymer: both of Red Lion.

Cora Hopper and Ryan Donelson: of Glen Rock and Red Lion.

Pychou Mutombo and Antoinette Mutombo: both of York.

Juan Trinidad and Latravia Leonard: both of York.

Carlos Garcia Perez and Ines Rodriguez: both of York.

Jerome Burt and Crystal Ellis: both of York.

George Krieger Jr. and Paula Evans: both of York.

Jonathan Hakim and Michelle McGill Lemon: both of Manchester.

Ronald Sloan and Robert Childs: both of York.

Jeffrey Euken and Billyjo Hall: both of York.

Brian Aske and Aubrey Westgate: both of Glen Rock.

Michael Weaver and Sarah Mobley: both of York.

Alex Tejeda-Colon and Kasandra Soto: both of Dover.

Gerard Bauer and Richard Coleman: both of Hanover.

Larry Smyser and Lindsey Connelly: both of Windsor.

Laura Sturgeon and Lucas Goodling: both of York.

Gregory Lavalleye and Het Pham: both of York.

Glenn Jones Jr. and Kelsey Kreider: both of Lusby, Md.

Donald Rice and Norma Schriver: both of Hanover.

Aida Santiago and Louie Llenza: both of York.