The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Donald Sanders and Maria Landi: of Spring Grove and Hanover.

Kris Phagan and Andrea Carpenter: both of York.

Terrence McCaffrey and Marlo Hooper: of Phoenix, Md., and Dallastown.

Ken Jones and Stacey Bealmear: both of Yuma, Ariz.

Christopher Coker and Rebecca Ward Holt: both of York.

Joel Stitzel and Amy Kraft, both of Dover.

Michael Grove and Stefani Lecates: both of New Freedom.

Kyle Ryan and Alexis Johnston: of Etters and Dillsburg.

Thomas Hagin III and Natalie Gibson: of Joppa, Md.

Tammy Lauer and David Diehl Sr.: both of Manchester.

Kelly Morgan and Thomas Robinson: both of Red Lion.

Mark Caltagirone and Raisa Cheng, both of York.

Michael Miller and Deborah Openshaw: both of New Freedom.

Sarah Slat and Patrick McShane: both of York.

Ryan Ebersole and Amanda Prutzman: both of West Reading, Pa.

James Guerrini and Kimberly Burkholder: both of Stewartstown.

Lisa Whalen and Benjamin Catlin: both of Dover.

Sheila Kimani and Justin Hollar: both of Red Lion:

Douglas Woodard and Victoria Kageni: both of York.

Adam Kolet and Brianna Wallick: of Spring Grove and York.


Wilmer Price and Marian Lentz: of Dillsburg and Dover.

Kelley Chambers and April Bollinger: both of York.

Korvin Mercer and Brittany Delaney: both of York.

Curtis Alban and Ashley May: both of York.

Emily Hogge and Phillip Murphy: of Forest Hill, Md., and Street, Md.

Joseph Nuesi and Ester Dominguez: both of York.

Phoebe Moes and Travis Cooke: both of Alexandria Va.

Stephen Shank and Christina Miller: both of York.

Kenneth Kyle III and Ashley Lloyd: both of Red Lion.

Mary Hardy and Aaron Why, both of York.

Richard O'Donnell and Deborah Lambert: of Hanover and Abbottstown.

Royal Brown and Jennifer Laughman: both of Hanover.

John Wills and Denise Wah: both of Mount Wolf.

Todd Backus and Joseph Bratkowski Sr.: both of York.

Brandon Craig and Brandi Vanfleet: both of Dallastown.

Kennard Davis Sr. and Denean Hughes: both of York.

Loida Albino and Manael Ortiz Guzman: both of York.

Jennifer Staub and Justin Latchaw: both of York.

Brandon Brigham and Lillian Valentin: both of York.

Charles Maurhoff III and Abbie Greenfield: of Lovingston, Va., and Dover.

Melissa Bole and Charles Rizio III: both of New Cumberland.

Craig Snyder and Vicky Chiffons: both of York.

Laura Loucks and Randall Smeltzer: both of Felton.

Antonio Harris and Valessia Rodriguez: both of Dallastown.

David Armand and Amanda Hedderick: both of York.

Christopher Weaver Sr. and Arlene Morin: both of Lewisberry:

Sheila Stafford and Lenora Stevenson: both of Etters.

Shannon Tway and Jeremy Vetter: both of York.

Andrew Groh and Dakota Smeal: of Felton and Dover.

Kristin Lease and Gary Madigan Jr.: both of York.

Scott Somerville and David Skidmore: both of York.

Jason Blymire and Brittney Phillips: both of York.

Long Viet Vu and Jessica Sprenkle: both of York.

Samuel Lebron and Maria Marcelina Mendez: both of York.

Barbara Wade and Patricia VanKirk: both of Newmanstown, Pa.

Hudson Bethard and Kristin Berda: both of Etters.

Alexandria Bream and Leonard Brown: both of York.

Tedd Hartlaub and Kenneth Darr: both of Mount Wolf.

Christopher Kazi and Amanda Wise: both of York.

Rossy Diaz-Luciano and Yovany Vasquez: both of Manchester.