The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Steven Gemmill and Emily Price: both of Delta.

John Kremer and Elizabeth Stone: of Mount Joy and York.

Cory McCoy and Hannah Muller: of Dover and New Oxford.

Scott Stepenosky and Lauren McCormick: both of York

Melissa Peterson and William Matthews: of Ashburn, Va., and Sterling, Va.

Andi Zirkle and Nathan Welker: of Manchester and Jersey Shore, Pa. Chantal Sakay and Ann Cox Pettigrew: both of York.

Matthew Waters and Julie Takacs: both of Pasadena, Md.

Jon Krout and Steven Harrington: both of York.

Jennifer Myers and Christopher Smith: of Spring Grove and York.

Keith Barnett and Cynthia Stroney: of Dallastown and York.

David Hoffman III and Melinda Bennett: both of York.

Stacy Paxson and Lisa Knaub: both of York.

Stephanie Myers and Joseph Mullin: both of Harrisburg.

Glen Stetler Showalter and Rosemarie Huggins: both of Mount Wolf.

Tori Spangler and Saul Manjarrez: both of Hanover.

Brian Reilly and Sarah Pedersen: of York and Stewartstown.

Tedd Schuler Jr. and Jessica Craumer: of Shrewsbury and Dover.

Christopher Hundley and Larika Jones: both of York.

Cathy Ash and Roberta Hines: of York.


Christopher Aulbach and Lawrence Depippa: both of Hanover.

Tara Destefano and Jonathan Bausman: both of York.

Brianna Peck and David Abbott Jr.: both of York.

Thomas Cochrane and Amy Sultner: of Hagerstown, Md., and York.

Nicholas Beshore and Wendy Becker: both of Manchester.

Michelle Lee and Dennis Perks Jr.: both of Glenville.

Dondre Williams and Ivelisse Ledesma: both of York.

Brian West and Julie Fletcher: both of Etters.

Eugene Agosto and Maria Nazario: both of York.

Tyler Renard and Victoria Snavely: of Manchester and York.

Kristine Jeznach and Michael Wheeler: both of York.

Matthew Schilling and Stephanie Der: both of Parkville, Md.

David Gorman and Robin Cusimano: both of Hanover.

Sue Ellen Harmon and Amy Lippert: both of York.

David Dacheux III and Amber Toggas: both of Dover.

Diane Nickerson and James Tokarz: both of Etters.

Joann Taylor and Charles Test Jr.: both of York.

David Sieling and Stephanie Brooks Kneeland: both of Methuen, Mass.

Terry Taylor Jr. and Tara Clark: of Parkton, Md., and Stewartstown.

Alexander Keller and Melissa Thompson: both of Pittsburgh.

Paul Emerick Jr. and Leah Camilletti: of Dillsburg and Harrisburg.

Michael Bell and Heather Drost: of Beavercreek, Ohio, and Edison, N.J.

Adam Rudderow and Emily Spory: of Monrovia, Md., and Boswell, Pa.

Kyle Greenholt and Maryann Murray: both of York.

Kathy Wilson and Jody Trimmer: both of York.

BJ Bookwalter and Tiffany Wishard: both of York.

Donte Pitman and Shardey Gulley: of New Oxford and York.

Tiffany Feudale and Paul Hodum: both of York.

Andrew Snyder and Jessica Walker: both of Dover.

Joshua Collingsworth and Jody Bair: both of Virginia Beach Va.

Garry Crist Jr. and Ashley Redding: both of York.

Guy Hansen and Barbara Schwartz: both of Mount Wolf.

Laura Deller and Jonathan Cali: both of York.

Josephine Gonzalez and Jose Rosa: both of York.

Mark Elliot Sr. and Sharon Dierdorff: both of York.

Ian Nelson and Bridget Pettit: of Felton and Windsor.

Kyle Haberbosch and Sarah Antonelli: both of Windsor Mill, Md.

Steven Founds and Rochelle Bender: both of Shrewsbury.