The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Tammie Petrone and Daniel Menchey: both of Denver, Colo.

Chelsea Welsh and Matthew Gross: both of Etters.

Timothy Berry and Vienna Greenland: both of York Haven.

Wayne Miller and Miriam Ritchie: of Hanover, Md., and Hanover, Pa.

Michelle Hindman and Jason Kilby: both of Delta.

Michael Campanella and Nicole Quintero: both of York.

Tanya Earle and Kevin Eutzy: both of Dover.

Jessica Grim and Tyler Triggs: of Baltimore, Md., and Winnabow, N.C.

Brandon Wittmann and Jodi Long: both of York.

Addalyn Shearer and Ryan Dohm: of Windsor and Yoe.

Zachariah Carrick and Katelyn Baublitz: both of Hanover.

Ivelisse Moll and Raulin De La Cruz: both of York.

Erik Miller and Jennifer Lipko: both of Camp Hill.

Anthony Neiderer and Kristen Duncan: both of Hanover.

Cecilia Owusuwaah Asare and Frederick Koranteng Yeboah: both of York.

Ryan Havice and Jamie Wadkins: both of Etters.

Teresa Stonesifer and Vickie Ebersole: both of York.

Ryan Randa and Danielle Boisvert: both of Montgomery, Texas.

Leeann Kepler and Aaron Brown: both of Wrightsville.

Khang Thuc Huynh and Tina Vo: both of York.


Gina Pellegrino and Grayson Wood: both of York.

Stephanie Hacker and Paul Mialki: both of York.

Jolene Kingston and Suzanne Sennett Smith: both of York.

Jessica Welsh and Mykel Shepherd: both of Hanover.

Kisley Schriver and Mary Shank: both of York.

Mustapha Ouakrim and Marcia Grosso: both of Wilmington, Del.

Hawah Anderson and Bert Wilson: both of Phildelphia.

Jennifer Neal and David Gebhard Jr.: of Jacobus and Willow Street, Pa.

Donald Heath and Ashley Eyler: both of Hanover.

Faye Bierbower and David Heiser: both of Dillsburg.

Michael Shope and Alyx Christenson: both of Dover.

Paul Bauch and Kathryn Lessie: both of Red Lion.

Christopher Green and Mary Jo Crimmins: both of York.

Kelvin Dejesus Acosta-Guzman and Neri Moreno Gratini: both of York.

Justin Haas and Barbara Lance: both of Delta.

Stephen Cashman and Laura Rowlands: both of Dover.

Shawn Hass and Amanda Dixon: both of Nicholasville, Ky.

Michael Long and Dashonna Woodyard: both of Hellam.

Rodney Lee Jr. and Kristi Horton: both of York.

Emily Schaefer and Ryan Barton: both of York.

Andrew Deatrick and Beth Heilman: both of Dallastown.

Cassandra Willman and Matthew Grove: both of York.

Conrad Rosado and Branden Sinnerard: both of York Haven.

Abraham Hague and Lisa Hedrick: both of York.

Ryan ODonnell and Kim Lu: both of York.

Tom Nguyen and Tuyen Ho: both of York.

James Smith and Jessica Weber: both of Delta.

Christopher Dziewior and Jane Boice: both of Etters.

Justin Sellers and Angela Krout: both of Red Lion.

Daniel Jones and Jessica Koller: both of York.

Craig Nicholson and Ashley Kotchish: both of York.

Jonathan Leid and Judith Weaver: of Newville, Pa., and Dillsburg.

Tyler Glatfelter and Breeanne Paules: both of Glen Rock.

Wendy Small and Jeremy Spielman: both of Hanover.

Ann Jordan and Lisa Pearl: both of York.

Eric Murray and Kelly Buchta: both of New Cumberland.

Shawn Palmer and Bethany Dempsey: both of Yoe.

David Miles Sr. and Javonda Morales: both of York.

David Thomas Jr. and Stacey Aldinger: both of York.

Cory Williams and Jessica Hogan: borth of Middle River, Md.

Katrina Almony and Vincent Guardado: both of York.