The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

John Keefer and Alyssum Staner: of Dover and Manchester.

Monica Anderson and Sharion Donagher: both of York.

Selina Ruiz and Samuel Delacruz: both of York.

Danielle Weaver and Joseph Caroots: both of Dover.

Jake Chamberlain and Miranda Kutz: both of Dillsburg.

Joshua Gropp and Nikki Dasher: both of York.

Diane Heilman and Lindy Decker: both of York.

Jonathan Gordon and Kelly Dubbs: both of York.

William Wahl and Susan Scofield: both of York.

Andrew Harkins and Stephanie Bunsick: both of York.

John Henson and Dorothy Mills: both of Hanover.

Melissa Fair and Christina Sprenkle: both of York.

Dale Van Droof Jr. and Kristi Yakubowski: both of Shrewsbury.

Ashley Callihan and Thomas Stull: of Westminster, Md., and Hampstead, Md.

Mark Kuniegel and Sheree Bernal Tano: both of Odenton Md.

Shane Rohrbaugh and Elizabeth Locke: both of York.

Alyssa Kolscher and Calina Dandy: both of Hanover.

Rebecca Schwartz and Todd Gembe: both of York.

Sarah Zimmerman and Paul Ruberg: both of York.

Ray Hoover and Stephen McGill: both of Hanover.

Michael Smith and Tabitha Rankin: both of York.


Nathan Horick and Elizabethe Latshaw: both of Carlisle.

Emily Moul and Ryan Kelley: both of York.

Jacob Bush and Ashley Smith: both of Mount Wolf.

Chad Bucher and Saria Ankers: both of York.

James Page Jr. and Angela Malloy: both of Hanover.

Ryan Englar and Michelle Sanders: of Dover and York.

Emily Kramlick and Kayla Mumma: both of York.

Brandon Nase and Megan Shultz: both of Mount Wolf.

Jacob Birdsall and Barbara Wilson: both of Etters.

Willis Cline and Tracy Williams-Naugle: both of York.

Jacob Nelson and Delena Bowman: both of York.

Barbara Emmerich and Jennifer Piersol: both of Lancaster.

Regina Stover and Michael Billet: of Mount Wolf and Red Lion.

Oramae Woodward and Joseph Newson: both of York.

Thomas Amugi and Jaceita Chilton-Walker: both of York.

Lamont Thrash and Mercedes Winland: both of Spring Grove.

Charles Whitman and Sueann Johnson: both of Hanover.

Meghan Musser and Adam Plowman: both of York.

Tracy Blickenstaff and Renee Strine: both of York.

Melissa Sechrist and Rockie Tice: both of Dallastown.

Kim Krotzer and Linda Boore: both of Hellam.

Randall Madoushek and Melissa Gilbert: of St. Johnsbury, Vt., and Hanover.

Andrew Holcomb and Jennifer Romberger: both of York.

Matthew Shields and Cora Metzel: of York and Dallastown.

Kuldip Raval and Pallavi Nalabolu: of New Windsor, N.Y., and Etters.

Travis Keene and Julie Flinchbaugh: of Mount Joy and York.

Kristen Andrade and Jonathan Breighner: both of York.

Steven Sharek and Nina Adkins: both of Whiteford, Md.

Madeline Sechrist and John Lutz: both of Red Lion.

Dustin Simcoe and Bethany Hilburn: of Hellam and Camp Hill.

Brad Scarborough and Casey Lemkelde: of Glen Rock and York.

Bradley Spangler and Katherine Izzo: of Manchester and Mount Wolf.

Joshua Althoff and Amy Hendricks: both of York.

David Williams Jr. and Joyce Brokenborough: both of York.

Jose Ortiz and Yareliz La Luz: both of York.

Yolanda Spikes and Charlena Sowell: both of Waldorf, Md.

James McCubbin and Donna Hutchinson: both of Stewartstown.

Ronald Lawson III and Donna Goff: both of Spring Grove.

Cyona Moye and Napoleon Grampus: both of York.

Robert Hinton and Jacqueline Smith: both of Delta.

Matthew Doyle and Linda Davidow: both of Baltimore, Md.

Beverly Benner and Lisa Roemer: both of Felton.

John Paduhovich II and Stephanie Parker: both of York.

Beverly Flinchbaugh and John Moore: of Red Lion and York.

Robert Trout and Michelle Snyder: both of Red Lion.

Raymond Howard II and Ashley Wagaman: both of York.

Amanda Hoffman and David Emig: both of Dover.