The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Robert W. Baynard and Ashley J. Bishop: both of Manchester.

Emily S. Tomes and Justin M. Baughman: both of Red Lion.

Teri L. Lerch and Steven E. Ward: both of York.

Cynthia J. Schrading and Geoffrey S. Fix: both of York.

Gary A. Oyler and Girolama Fuhrman: : both of Yoe.

Zachary C. Ehring and Justine J. Minnich: of Dover and Dillsburg.

Jacob G. Schroeder and Brandy E. Mershon: both of Shrewsbury.

Laurel J. Diehl and John J. Nicolson: both of Red Lion.

Sarah A. Kohler and Christopher C. Hunt: both of York.

Edward Karemera and Margaret Ayola: both of York.

Darryl L. Eberly and Valerie A. Day: both of York.

Laura R. Galinato and Kevin M. Foody: of York and Lynchburg, Va.

Christopher E. Fierstein and Tatiana Pakula: of Columbia and York.

Allison J. Burnette and Benjamin Milinic: both of Shrewsbury.

Kristen R. Stuchell and Daniel M. Hayden: both of Harrisburg.

Stephen E. Hower and Sophia E. Weibel: both of York.

Derek L. Stiles and Alison E. Gerber: both of Mount Wolf.

Jan A. Bankert and Kevin L. Walker: both of York.

Kara L.N. Martz and Nathan C. Kitzig: both of Mount Joy.


Kole A. Lauver and Alexa C. Budzynski: both of Red Lion.

Matthew T. Rupp and Jill M. Griffin: both of York.

Jared B. Barley and Katie L. Augustyniak: both of York.

Lamar E. Quinones-Deshields and Shoneci C. Collins: both of York.

Tristan B. Snyder and Annamarie L. Padula: both of York.

Omer F. Dogru and Jekaterina Nikolajeva: both of Dover.

Keith M. Roberts and Heather L. Sterner: both of York.

Joseph A. Mong and Jessica L. Bailey: of Dallastown and York.

Rana Hanna and Joseph P. Dougherty III: both of Etters.

Malachi W. Leonard and Ashley R. Hagarman: both of York.

Jason E. Fauth and Carolynn E. Mackley: both of York.

Spencer I. Unick and Caitlin M. Wolfgang: of Crofton, Md., and Middletown.

Tazatodd B. Sweeney and Ciara N. Lee: both of York.

Jeremy M. Boyers and Hannah R. Heisey: both of New Oxford.

Carlos I. Estrada Elvir and Holly L. Sanchez: both of York.

Curtis P. Rice and Stacey L. Hartlaub: both of Hanover.

Jonathan R. Lee and Kimberly L. Reese: of Glenwood, Md., and Lewisberry.

Jonathan J. Verhein and Shiloh P. Magaro: both of Etters.

Elliott J. Gottloeb and Stephanie H. Phillips: both of York.

Alexis L. Finc and Brooks M. Heintzelman: both of Los Angeles, Calif.

Martins O. Adedipe and Kierstan M. Demps: of Baltimore, Md., and Hanover.

Shawn W. Williams and Cynthia M. Gonzalez: both of York.

Alexander J.B. Walls and Kathleen R. O'Donnell: both of Elizabethtown.

Ronald E. Forry and Angelica L. Momi Nelson: both of Spring Grove.

Juan L. Calderon-Rivera and Mariana Cruz: both of York.

Jeffrey S. Wissler Jr. and Amity Rose Spangler: both of Wellsville.

James G. Tarr and Patricia L. Bloodgood: both of Shrewsbury.

Leslie E. Haney and Tammy A. Harrington: of Joshua, Texas, and Delta.

Adam M. Bupp and Rachel F. Latchaw: both of York.

Shannon J. Murphy and Karen L. Files: both of Etters.

Samuel L. Flinchbaugh and Linda R. Miller: both of Dallastown.

Peter L. Pobee and Princess S. Bryant: of York and Newark N.J.

Luis D. Menendez and Yariselis Gonzalez-Figueroa: both of York.

Angel A. Beaver and Samantha N. Culp: both of York.

Fred H. Ryerse III and Amanda C. Eckert: both of Mechanicsburg.

Yong Qin Chen and Jacqueline A. Abersold: both of York.

Brad A. Sizemore II and Mary E. Thompson: of Dover and Stewartstown.