The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Francisco A. Soto Guzman and Nereida Rivera Marrero: both of York.

Kathryn L. Baldwin and Ettore W. Divirgilius Jr.: of York and Milroy, Pa.

William H. Hokemeyer Jr. and Svetlana I. Yablonovsky: both of Baltimore, Md.

Amos J. Mentzer and Samantha D. Maly: both of York.

Kayla L. Lehman and Tyler D. Sigel: both of York.

Nicholas F. Decampo and Sheri' K. Stricker: both of Seven Valleys.

Diane L. Garbrick and Hayden L. Foy Jr.: both of Red Lion.

Robert S. Wisner Jr. and Alison R. Kinney: both of York.

Angela M. Gomez and Tyrone Singleton: both of York.

Katie L. Hamaker and Gregory L. Breland: both of York.

Michelle R. Stallsmith and Janice C. Evans: both of Etters.

Tyler C. Cooper and Katherine L. Spyker: both of Auburn, Ala.

Sara E. Haney and Kelvin P. Stroud: both of Washington, D.C.

Joseph S. Slessinger and Kaitlin L. Hyman: both of Shrewsbury.

Ariel Haskel Brio and Karen B. Berman: both of North Bethesda, Md.

Christa A. Kurman and John R. Rice: both of York.

Alicia N. Glass and Jeffrey E. Jones: of Gettysburg and Stewartstown.

Karel J. Cauchon and Barbara A. Kimpel: both of York.


Gerard M. Masucci and Holly J. Rouscher: both of Mount Wolf.

Brett J. Frey and Marcie A. Boyer: both of East Berlin.

Angela L. Agro and Shane G. Cornwell: of New Freedom and White Hall, Md.

Howard W. Work and Michael H. Wu: both of Willow Street, Pa.

Scott A. Bowers and Richard C. Harvey Jr.: both of Dover.

Wayne L. Adams and Michael K. Woodward: both of York.

Steven D. Goss Jr. and Katie A. Little: both of Felton.

Eugene B. Lippy and Lori L. Sheely: both of Hanover.

Wayne E. Kicklighter IV and Amanda K. Lucas: both of York.

Tiffany E. Wright and Erin E. Gibson: both of York.

Justin L. Morthland and Sabrina L. Tingue: both of Windsor.

Alexander E. Kreeger and Angel N. Devita: of York and Thomasville.

Tonya M. Myers and Daniel E. Hahn: both of Glen Rock.

James P. Romesburg and Jody L. Henney: both of York.

William R. Eschrich and Kenneth A. McDonald: both of York.

Craig A. Baublitz and Jeanette M. Ratcliffe: both of York.

Kyle A. Dellinger and Lauren E. Beard: both of Red Lion.

Tameca L. Waid and Carla W. Christopher: of Highspire, Pa., and York.

Joel A. Gladfelter and Sara E. Breedlove: both of Baltimore, Md.

Charles C. Woodard and Pamela Wilson: both of York.

Brandon M. Davis and Kaleena D. Reynolds: both of York.

Corey A. Eisenhart and Courtney A. Van Doren: of York and Coal Township, Pa.

Eric S. Spurlock and Kelli D. Hall: of Ironton, Ohio, and Huntington, W.Va.

Brandon A. Webster and Jena E. Blackson: both of Abbottstown.

Angel M. Hutton and Salman Waheed: both of Airville.

Richard E. Hartman and Fabian L. Bogle: both of York.

James E. Young and Cyndal M. Dupont: both of Jacobus.

Scott T. Dehoff and Teresa A. Christman: both of Spring Grove.

Keith B. Winemiller and Shannon L. Friesland: both of Dallastown.

Edgardo Caraballo and Jeannette Maldonado: both of York.

Jason M. Maul and Jessica R. Schroyer: both of York.

Chad A. Martin and Cierra K. Hawkes: both of Red Lion.

Edgardo L. Acevedo and Amarilis Cuevas-Valentin: both of York.

Christopher M. Vedder Jr. and Alexis A. Giannone: both of York.

Glenn V. Hughes and Darletta Y. Randall: both of York.

Robert J. Shearer Jr. and Kristen M. Miller: both of Spring Grove.