The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Jonathan E. Klinedinst and Elizabeth G. Doolittle: both of Dover.

Joseph R. Levon and Keiko Kawate: both of Chicago, Ill.

Michael C. Sanders and Gretchen S. Covington: both of Bristol, Va.

Jody L. McKenna and Patrick J. Austin: both of Shrewsbury.

Craig A. Peeler and Kenneth Z. Pierson: both of Channelview, Texas.

Michael D. Harpster and Amanda J. Conrad: both of York.

Brandi M. Snyder and Derrick B. Foor: both of York.

Samantha F. Canoles and William Kline: both of York.

Daniel B. Wecker and Elizabeth G. McCullough: of York and New Cumberland.

James C. Warren and Leah R. Flagler: both of York.

Lee C. Ressler and Elizabeth M. Haas: both of Arlington, Va.

Adam M. Dasilva and Tara P. Bower: both of Dover.

Neil J. Lindberg and Barbara J. O'Brien: of Colonial Beach, Va., and Leonardtown, Md.

Crystal M.L. Keesey and Dale A. Smith: both of York.

Robert B. Hedrick Jr. and Jana L. Deters: both of Towson, Md.

Kim L. Trexler and Jo Ann Becker: both of Hellam.

Matthew C. Cowdery and Joi T. Coleman: both of Glen Burnie, Md.

Michael A. Kelsey and Kira D. Kern: of Converse, Texas, and York.

Alexander D. Halperin and Melissa A. Stoner: both of Salisbury, Md.


Gregory J. Windhausen and Nichole A. Myers: both of Dover.

Scott S. Barshinger and Kristen V. Hoffman: both of Wrightsville.

Henry S. Harris and Regina A. Folk: both of York.

Edward I. Smith and Nancy E. Davido: both of York.

Donald R. Strausbaugh and Norma Rost Snyder: both of York.

Terry L. Cline and Faith Oster: both of York.

Darrien M. Scott Jr. and Rebecca M. Paulus: of York and Glen Rock.

Rosemary A. Elliott and Farolyn Thumma: both of Glen Rock.

Joseph W. Reed and Nicole L. Ness: both of Glen Rock.

Brandon G. Becker and Nickcol M. Fordyce: both of York.

James D. Plank and Gail B. Rich: both of Hanover.

Kyle D. Wisner and Brandy L. Rhein: both of Glen Rock.

Lori B. Heiland and Larry E. Wintermyer: both of York.

Virgil G. Cataldi and Mary Jo T. Mullenax: both of York.

Luke D. Mowrer and Michelle L. Fuhrman: both of Hanover.

James R. Kessler and Carly N. Leppo: both of Hanover.

Jacob A. Kerr and Sarah M. Carbohn: both of Red Lion.

Jared M. Estep and Casey N. Daugherty: both of York.

Edwin L. Sanchez and Mariette Torres-Rivera: both of York.

Kevin P. Reed and Emma N. Downey: of Gettysburg and Dover.

Heather A. Mullenax and Jessie J. Simpson: both of Lacey, Wash.

Chad N. Hinds and Alexis G. Matthews: both of York.

Jeffrey E. Baker and Tammy Jo Fitzkee: both of Dover.

Daniel R. Martin and Lari A. Martin: both of Loganville.

William W. Crawford and Tina L. Wentz: both of Hanover.

Devin C. Cowey and Carmelita M. Montenegro: both of Dover.

Micah G. Henderson and Ashley M. Shaffer: both of Red Lion.

Benjamin M. Smith and Racquel S. Collinson: both of Nottingham Md.

William C. McFadden and Bethany E. Lonberger: both of Dover.

Jeffrey S. Amspacher and Hope E. Kirchner: both of York.

Oniel D. Singh and Teresa D. Wolf: both of Glen Rock.

William A. Hoopes and Jennifer L. Abel: both of York.

Kayla R. Griffith and George Z. Waltemire: of Leola and Alexandria, Va.

Margaret Medina and Michele A. Edwards: both of Dallastown.

Timothy Williams and Michele A. Williams: both of York.

Joseph R. Myers and Jayme B. Edwards: both of Felton.

John D. Ziegler III and Diana M. Heilner: both of York.

Arsenio A. Henriquez and Kelly B. Vana: both of York.

Christopher C. Lewis and Lisa M. Saylor: both of Mount Wolf.