The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Reginald D. Thompson and Amber L. Geiselman: both of Hanover.

Tacy G. Zaldivar and Natosha L. Jordon: both of Windsor.

Kyle A. Waltman and Marla Jo Garrett: both of York.

Joseph E. Kamler and Nicole D. Arey: both of York.

Joshua T. Hitchens and Julia C. Schenning: both of Jarrettsville, Md.

Brenda S. Ritter and Robert K. Oberholtzer: both of Lewisberry.

Catherine M. Lobodinsky and Todd B. Davis: both of York.

Jessica M. Mummert and Coty A. Gall: both of Dover.

Dalton L. Senft and Alyssa M. Smith: of Spring Grove and York.

Michael L. Zeller and Rebecca A. Kinsley: both of New Freedom.

Sarah N. La Motte and Karl L. Thompson: both of Hanover.

Michael E. Drayer and Rebecca R. Quattrone: both of Glenville.

David T. Navickas and Nikki M. Breindel: both of York.

Jason E. Camalier and Tia R. Lynch: both of Glen Rock.

Jennifer M. Gardner and George E. Snyder III: both of Spring Grove.

Shaun A. Baer and Brooke C. Wiley: both of Manchester.

Kristen M. Harpster and Justin G. Pierce: both of Franklintown.

Cassandra M. Mundis and Zachary A. Herman: of Red Lion and York.

Heidi A. Freeland and Joseph H. Trail III: both of York.


Timothy J. Wolcott and Randi E. Poff: both of Red Lion.

Jusin C. Ranieri and Rachel A. Sinclair: both of York.

Donna L. Demmitt and Kevin D. McCarrey: both of Red Lion.

Zachary G. Wiley and Kayla M. Doyle: both of York.

Robert A. Squillace and Jessica L. Sangrey: both of Mount Wolf.

Phillip J. Grove II and Wealthy A. Malaun: both of Hanover.

Theodore J. Hake and Katelyn M. Miller: both of York.

Edward J. Hand III and Erin A. Burg: both of York.

Bradley C. Adams and Jenna C. Neill: both of Manchester.

Charles L. Yeagy and Teresa L. Kroft: of York Haven and York.

Mark E. Nafe and Jennifer A. Stambaugh: both of Glenville.

Michael P. Cramer and Brenda L. Long: both of York.

Seth J. Sauble and Elizabeth J. Cooney: both of Hanover.

Tyler P. Bortner and Joanne M. Potter: both of York.

Steven M. Eberly and Katherine E. Osborn: both of Wrightsville.

Dokken A. Waltermyer and Erica S. Holcomb: both of York.

Lucas T. Montgomery and Nicole L. Noll: both of York.

Michael A. Reachard and Gail M. Heilig: both of York.

Tyler S. Griggs and Sarah J. Baechtle: of Orange, Vt., and Dillsburg.

Kenneth A. Hinkle II and Jennifer L. Ports: both of York.

Kathleen M. Halligan and April J. Owen: both of York.

Jason R. Kornbau and Lindsey K. Fackler: both of York Haven.

Philip E. Becker and Amy M. Smith: both of Dover.

Matthew D. Gilmore and Mukta Dilawri: both of York.

Kyle N. Stover and Anastasia M. Minichino: both of East Berlin.

Danny G. Layne II and Blanca Martinez: both of Dallastown.

Marlyn Dellinger III and Stephanie Diaz: both of York.

Daniel A. Kiralfy and Amanda J. Eby: of York and Ephrata.

Charles R. Enyeart and Lisa M. Klinedinst: both of York.

George Ellis Jr. and Amy L. Smith: both of Red Lion.

David A. Reever Jr. and Tasha M. Lewellyn-Carmen: both of York.

Mark A. Whitebread and Rebecca D. Puliti: both of Etters.

Ryan J. Swope and Kayla M. Forbes: both of New Oxford.

Brian S. Howell and Jessica M. Breaud: both of Stewartstown.

Shane W. Courtney and Emily S. Abbey: of Airville and New Freedom.

Raymond A. Burdette and Jessica D. Smith: both of York.

Sharon A. Malnick and Barbara D. Hammell: both of Dillsburg.

Merle D. Kirkland and Marjorie B. Gardner: of Hershey and Mount Joy.

Hidalgo S. Diaz Arias and Wanda I. Rios Martinez: both of York.

Charles L. Snyder Jr. and Patricia A. Weaver: both of York.

Wendell B. Schaffner Jr. and Brian D. Morton: both of York.

Matthew M. Renzi and Audrei A. Heath: of Glen Rock and New Freedom.

Jose L. Otero and Jennifer Santiago: both of York.

Daniel C. Bernstein and Janine L. Meadows: of York and Mechanicsburg.

Adam M.M. Stuckert and Molly A. Albecker: both of Greenville, N.C.

Hendrick C. Ackerman and Ariel J. Rummel: both of Berwick, Pa.

Dennis Garcia and Milagro Rivera: both of York.

James L. Seitz and Shannon G. Wagner: both of Red Lion.

Brandon A. Buck and Rebecca A. Osborne: both of York.

Brittney L. Brenner and Russell H. Rainey Jr.: both of York.

Daniel L. Bryant and Jessica D. Wenrich: both of York.

Coty A. Skeens and Jessica L. Border: of Felton and East Berlin.

Miguel A. Lebron-Medina and Jessenia Velazquez Villarini: both of York.

Eric S. Altice and Monica S. Noel: Hanover.

Christopher B. Semper and Rachelle L. Zekler: both of York.

Ronald L. Ridenour Jr. and Lori A. Kline: both of Mount Wolf.

Robert S. Smith and Duane E. Bell: both of York.

Bailey R. Lauchman and Kelsie S. Roehm: both of Spring Grove.

Robert W. Eafrati and Danielle M. Easton: both of Glenville.