The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

John J. Doyle and Lori A. Lafean: both of York.

Jerred M. Poff and Chelsea M. Weik: both of York.

Erin N. Duffy and Gregory E. Shaffer: both of New Cumberland.

Ryan M. Deardorff and Erikka L. Felty: both of Dover.

Thomas A. Wilson Davis and Naisha A. Garcia Casanova: both of Windsor.

Kevin L. Brothers and Jane E. Bell: both of Etters.

Danita Jo Shoemaker and Randy S. Fizer Sr.: both of Red Lion.

Adam S. Aronson and Elizabeth A. Myers: both of New York City, N.Y.

Curtis G. Bolig and Nicole M. Nelson: both of York.

Breanna L. Adamson and James F. Fontz Jr.: both of Stewartstown.

Jessica L. Lewis and Michael D. Sites: both of Delta.

Daniel G. Hoover and Jacqueline M. Lanoue: both of York.

Johnathon L. Clark and Kendra C. Ross: both of Dillsburg.

Miranda D. Crawford and Andrew E. Scott: both of York.

Devon A. Dunston and Porscha K. Davis: both of Lanham, Md.

Amy L. Eckenroth and Francis M. Sweeney: both of Red Lion.

Leslie M. Navazio and Christopher M. Bomysoad: both of Etters.

Erin M. Hudson and Robert A. Ruby: both of York.

Desiree K. Dodson and Nathan W. Miller: both of Towson, Md.


Justin C. Odonel and Shereen E. Nance: both of Dillsburg.

206 N Baltimore St, Dillsburg Pa 17019

Scott A. Weaver and Bobbie L. Wonder: both of Hanover.

Steven W. Lundy and Ling Ma: both of Red Lion.

Sean R. McElhaney and Lynsey R. Wolpert: both of York.

Pamela S. Duncan and Karen E. Donovan: both of Lancaster.

Dale E. Myers and Wendi R. Webb: both of Hanover.

Thomas R. Vranich Jr. and Jamie L. King: both of York.

John M. Melika and Lilian Stefo: both of Mechanicsburg.

Gary L. Reisinger and Kristi S. Strausbaugh: both of Manchester.

Rigoberto T. Hernandez and Idelice B. Garcia: both of York.

Billy A. Smith Jr. and Lateya Daisy Harris: both of York.

Sherry L. Moore and Kevin P. Vitolo: both of York.

Scott A. Laughman and Amanda L. Wonder: both of Hellam.

Michael D. Tschudy and Danielle S. Walston: both of York.

Richard G. Kline and Joan L. Dietz: of Wrightsville and East Prospect.

Keith A. Davis and Lori A. Velasco: of Baltimore, Md., and York.

Kraig W. Bruder and Danelle R. Hockenbery: both of York Haven.

Stephanie S. Hoff and Cory D. Lease: both of East Berlin.

Michael J. Hoke and Robert A. Eyster: both of York.

Wesley G. Henise and April R. Rhoades: both of Felton.

Larry C. Zeigler and Holly L. Hoover: both of Manchester.

Kevin M. Masinick and Natalie M. Griffin: both of Newmanstown, Pa.

Alexander L. Simms and Brandy A. Holtzapple: both of Red Lion.

Todd E. Rutledge and Sherry L. Lucia: both of York.

M. Shane Brandt and Laurie J. Bernstein: both of York.

Stephan R. Platts and Laura C. Kelly: both of York.

Adam S. Green and Lauren N. Spitz: both of Bel Air, Md.

Chad M. Hess and Melissa A. Klosterman: both of Spring Grove.

Matthew D. Miller and Brandi L. Kennedy: both of York.

Jessica L. Jesko and Garth A. Jannotta: both of Hanover.

Christopher M. Gurreri and Brittany A. Jackson: both of York.

Ryan W. Pfeiffer and Carley S. Young: both of New Oxford.

Fred A. Walthour and Linda D. Guillory: of Jacobus and Myerstown, Pa.

Victor H. Rivas and Rousanna Rosado: both of York.

Jason A. Zeigler and Nicole L. Smith: both of Dallastown.

John M. Costabile and Christa R. Loucks: both of Dover.

John F. Warren Jr. and Kelly A. Rager: both of Hanover.

Christopher J. Lacroix and Jonni B. Wilhelm: both of York.

Eric J. Fauth and Sarah E. Smeigh: both of Hellam.

Jared R. Markle and Kristen M. Schmidt: both of Hanover.

Lester D. Springer Jr. and Brandy L. Swartz: both of York.

Asher C. Langenfeld abd Katherine N. Weisman: both of Hanover.