The office of Clerk of Orphans' Court Bradley C. Jacobs issued the following marriage licenses:

Lucas S. Ratliff and Colleen K. Russey: both of Durango, Colo.

Donna G. Stroble and Elizabeth A. Uffelman: both of York.

Michael S. McLain and Amanda L. Naylor: both of Manchester.

Erika L. Engle and Frederick W.J. Thomas: both of New Freedom.

Christina A. Chorney and Stephen C. Stalcup: both of Delta.

Colin P. Keelan and Lauren M. Brubaker: both of Ellicott City, Md.

Billie S. Yerger and Jeffrey C. Gottschalk: both of York.

Benjamin M. Brosius and Shelley Robinson White: both of Baltimore, Md.

Aaron R. Kohr and Ashley L. Perigo: both of York.

William F. Nutter and Holly M. Allen: both of York.

Emily N. Schwartz and Craig E. Mathias: both of Hanover.

Carissa J. Harmon and Tyler S. Caldwell: both of Pleasant Hill, Iowa.

Kevin D. Sweer and Lauren K. Childs: both of York.

Derrik E. Forshee and Jennifer E. Shelley: both of Baltimore, Md.

Timothy R. Yeatts Jr. and Ashley M. Jones: both of York Haven.

Rachael H. Boyer and Michael J. Bollinger: of Glen Rock and York.

Megan L. Chronister and Adam J. Krape: of Dallastown and Hallam.

Gary L. Taughinbaugh and Kirsten I. Fleisher: both of York.


Jocelyn C. Myers and Brian E. West: of Abbottstown and East Berlin.

Michael E. Koliofotis and Anastasia Katsaros: both of Baltimore, Md.

Lewis F. McCans and Barbara J. Benforado: of Red Lion and York.

Damien F. Krylowicz and Ruthanne Neary: both of York.

Seth A. Cornell and Bethany A. Cable: of Millersville and York.

Jeremy M. Smeltzer and Nicole L. Bardaxe: of York and Mountville.

Kevin M. Bowman and Kimberly J. Snyder: both of York.

Ismael Lucena and Luisa Valdez: of York and Selma, N.C.

Andrew M. Bennie and Pamela A. Henry: both of Dallastown.

Matthew D. Hansen and Jessica P. Warner: both of Harrington, Del.

Gregory A. Meisenhelter and Tammy J. Stephens: both of York.

Shane J. Leiphart and Marife Pateno Agacita: of Felton and Roosevelt Island, N.Y.

Kurt R. Krusen and Janet L. Harter: of Mechanicsburg and York.

Bryan A. Dunnick and Kristy N. Lunsford: both of York.

Gary L. Brooks III and Tara Lynn Weaver: both of York.

Robert W. Grimes and Amy F. Duer: both of Fawn Grove.

James M. Hoover and Pamela L. Krantz: both of York.

Robert C. Sturgill and Lesa M. Marros: both of York.

Carl Sallade and Geraldine Richter: both of York.

Donald D. Baxter and Ray E. Wallace: both of York.

Matthew R. Houston and Savanna T. Williams: both of York.

Cody L. Wilson and Jessie L. Myers: both of York.

Amanda K. Gladfelter and Joshua L. Murdock: both of York.

Justin C. White and Kaitlin S. Dunn: both of Fredericksburg, Va.

Mark J. Frey Jr. and Leeann A. Querry: both of Windsor.

Tyler A. Kelley and Ashley M. Dorward: both of Pikesville, Md.

Barry E. Lewis and Erin L. Leakway: both of Columbia.

Clint L. Mellinger and Kimberly S. Detwiler: both of Brogue.

Ashley N. Miller and Todd A. Martin: both of Dillsburg.

Galakpai G. Murray and Liliane S. Bertille Ashime: both of York.

Brittany E. Clark and Ronnie L. Spurlock Jr.: both of Delta.

Phong Thanh Tran and Tu Mong Thi Chung: both of York.

Tyler A. Gray and Loretta L. Lightner: both of Dover.

Charles J. Iaconangelo and Amelia M. Kephart: of Cape May, N.J., and York.

Ryan C. Wennell and Sarah L. Schott: both of Red Lion.

Dakota W. Yohe and Julie E. Meier: both of New Oxford.

Andrew Johnson and Ernesha L. Kirkland: both of York.

Eric W. Rodgers and Courtney J. Sawicki: both of Dover.

Niko A. Guillen and Nicole A. Fasig: of New Cumberland and York Haven.

Donavan S. Webb and Angela N. Jarrett: of Airville and Fawn Grove.

Joshua M. Blauser and Jessica C. Castle: both of York.

Francis A. Reilly and Sandra T. Miller: of Morrisville, Pa., and Hanover.

Zachary R. Shaffer and Sierra N. Hickman: both of Spring Grove.

Jack L. Krug and Mary C. Hinson: both of New Oxford.

Amanda M. Witmer and Benjamin A. Achenbach: both of Hellam.

Sarah C. Helms and Travis A. Kyler: both of East Berlin.

Christopher M. McDermott and Deborah N. Hardenbrook: both of Seven Valleys.

Rachel L. Taylor and Dustin M. Werner: both of Dallastown.

John R. Moser and Drinda A. Gibson: both of York.

Chad A. Arnold and Crystal K. Armold: both of York.

Corey S. Federico and Gretchen L. Weidmann: both of Dover.

Justin T. Botzet and Alexandra J. Talbot: both of Crofton, Md.

Eric T. McKinney and Tammy L. Gardner: both of Dover.

Daniel R. McCallum Jr. and Elissa M. Sewell: both of Reading.

Jonathon E. Murphy and Amber L. Lutz: both of Etters.

Ronald H. Devor Jr. and Roxanna M. Gilfillan: both of Red Lion.

Erik L. Smetana and Jaime L. Stover: both of York.