HOPE, the cancer-support service based in Stewartstown, regularly honors the "angels" who help it immensely.

Now it salutes an earthly angel, one who never wanted any recognition.,

But let Barb Titanish, president and co-founder of HOPE, tell the story ...

"Years ago we started the 'Angel Corner' to thank people who have done wonderful unselfish deeds for our cancer patients and this community. We always say they have 'earned their angel wings.' Well, this month we recognize Heaven's newest angel, Millard Cox of Stewartstown.

"If any of you who have ever received corn on the cob, fresh produce or fresh fruit, the unknown donor was our angel on Earth, Millard. He would arrive at my door at 6:30 in the morning and ask if I wanted a 'little' bit of corn or other produce for the patients. When I followed him to his truck, there would be four or five bushels for me to distribute to our families. But our angel, Millard, did not stop there.

"All winter long he would cut wood for our families and community members who depended on wood for keeping warm during the cold months of the year. We would hug him and thank him in person, but we were never allowed to send him a thank-you note or acknowledge him in the newsletter because in his mind, this is 'just what you do.'

"Millard was an amazing and loving man. When he realized he wasn't going to be able to fulfill his earthly duties much longer, he appointed (with promises) others to carry on the traditions that he had established of helping our HOPE patients and members of his community. (My husband, Ed, and I are the designated wood choppers.)

"Since our Millard has now received his heavenly wings, we can finally share his story of how he 'earned his angel wings' here on Earth.

"Millard, we will truly miss your early morning visits, but we know your wings are spreading over all of us here at HOPE."

Gathering food ... chopping wood ...

After learning Millard's story, surely you agree that, indeed, there are angels among us.


Steamy days again. So hot and humid, the trees are whistling for the dogs, says a quip from Barb Reese of Hallam.


WellSpan reports that it spends more than $200 million annually for benefits for its workers.

Among them: The usual health, dental and vision coverage, short and long-term disability benefits, wellness programs, child care, shift and holiday differential pay, life, auto and home insurance, pet insurance and a family help fund.


York Bike Night planners are seeking "25 vintage bikes" to lead the parade and then be on display in Continental Square on Sept. 20 ... 849-2217.


For better brain power, stay physically active!

That's the word from Senior Blue, stating ...

"Daily physical activity can help to improve blood flow to your brain. Recent research suggests that regular mild to moderate exercise protects and improves your thinking. It may even help you grow new brain cells. Regular exercise also helps you stay alert and sleep better, too."

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