Emmanuel Martinez-Vargas
Emmanuel Martinez-Vargas

One of the more than 80 alleged drug dealers arrested earlier this month as part of an 18-month multi-agency drug investigation and roundup is wanted for homicide in Puerto Rico, according to state police.

Emmanuel Martinez-Vargas, 23, was arrested Feb. 6 during Operation Sunrise, charged with heroin possession with intent to deliver and locked up on $80,000 bail, state police said.

At that time, police knew him as "Eli Samuel Diaz-Morciglio."

But on Monday, a tipster alerted police that "Diaz-Morciglio" was actually Martinez-Vargas, wanted in a 2011 homicide by police in San Juan, police said.

Confronted by police, the man admitted his true identity and said he'd been living in York for 18 months under the assumed name, according to police.

He will be charged with being a fugitive from justice, and his current drug charges will be amended to include the offense of making false reports to police, for giving a fake name, police said.

Martinez-Vargas eventually will be extradited to Puerto Rico, police said.