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Anti-government protesters shout as they in front of parliament as they hold a portrait of Morocco's editor Ali Anouzla who is arrested for posting al-Qaida video last week in Rabat, Morocco, Thursday, Sept 26, 2013. Morocco editor Ali Anouzla's site is known for its trenchant criticism of the government similar to the secular Feb. 20 movement that protested for greater democracy in 2011 during the Arab Spring. Placards reads" Freedom for Ali Anouzla".
RABAT, Morocco—Hundreds of people protested Thursday in support of a Moroccan journalist who was jailed after publishing a story about an al-Qaida video.

The prosecutor general announced this week that the journalist, Ali Anouzla, has been charged under Morocco's anti-terrorism law with assisting and advocating terrorism.

The protesters in the capital, Rabat, alleged he has been jailed for his independent views and criticism of authorities.

Anouzla, editor of the Lakome website, published a story about and posted the video by al-Qaida's north African affiliate.

The video, released earlier this month, was a rare attack on Morocco and accused the king of corruption.

Amnesty International said Anouzla's jailing "sends the message that any discussion of terrorism ... will be treated by the government of Morocco as a criminal offense."

If found guilty, Anouzla faces a maximum sentence of six years in prison.