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Rescue workers search for survivors in the capsized boat at the Amazon river near Macapa, Brazil, Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013. The boat carrying Catholic pilgrims to take part in a festival commemorating Our Lady of Nazare capsized on Brazil's Amazon river Saturday Oct. 13, leaving at least 12 people dead and another six still missing.
BRASILIA, Brazil—A boat carrying Roman Catholic pilgrims has capsized on Brazil's Amazon river, killing at least 12 people and leaving six more missing.

Authorities said Sunday that they don't know what caused the boat to capsize, though they are investigating if it was loaded beyond its 40-person limit.

State authorities say the search is continuing for the missing, who were part of a group traveling in Amapa state to take part in a festival commemorating Our Lady of Nazare.

The boat was among more than three dozen in a procession heading toward the state capital so Catholic faithful could take part in the festival.

Among the dead is the boat's captain, Reginaldo Reis Nobre.