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One of Jordan Wallick's three co-defendants testified through an interpreter on Tuesday afternoon that he gave Wallick the .45-caliber handgun used to kill homicide victim James Wallmuth III.

Wearing handcuffs, leg shackles and an orange prison jumpsuit, Kenneth Santiago-Curet looked down and mumbled through most of his testimony.

He told jurors he, Wallick and two others were standing on Grant Street the night of July 28, 2010.

"We were planning to rob somebody," he said.

Santiago-Curet, 20, of York City, testified he gave the gun to Wallick.

Wallmuth...fatally shot in July 2010.
Wallmuth...fatally shot in July 2010.

"(Wallick) walked over to where the victim was and I stood there waiting," Santiago-Curet said. "And I think the victim pushed the gun backward and I think that's when the shot came out. ... (Wallick) came over to me, I took the gun away from him and we took off running."

Why? Asked by chief deputy prosecutor Karen Comery why they wanted to rob someone, Santiago-Curet replied, "I don't even know myself." He did say he was on heroin, marijuana and pills that night.

Under cross-examination by defense attorney Dawn Cutaia, Santiago-Curet confirmed that after getting the gun back, he hit Wallick in the head with it.

He said he's hoping that in exchange for his testimony, prosecutors give him consideration for the charges he faces in the case, including second-degree murder.

Trial is scheduled to resume at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday. Wallick's two other co-defendants -- Joshua Edmoundson and Victor Virola -- are expected to testify against him, Comery said.

Girlfriend: Also testifying Tuesday was Wallmuth's former girlfriend, Brandie (Gulla) McClatchey.

She told jurors Wallmuth called her on his cell phone saying he'd been at a bar with co-workers but was planning to leave.

McClatchey said she heard a man in the background ask Wallmuth for money to buy beer. Then McClatchey heard a scuffle and what sounded like Wallmuth's cell phone fall to the ground.

"It went dead," she said. "I tried to call him repeatedly. I even tried to call the police, but I couldn't tell them where to go."

The background: Wallick was 15 years old when he allegedly shot Wallmuth on July 28, 2010, during a botched stickup in York City, police said.

Wallmuth, 28, of West Manchester Township, worked in the York County District Attorney's Office for about four years as a case manager, but left his job to attend law school at the University of Pittsburgh.

Shortly after 11 p.m., Wallick approached Wallmuth as the victim was talking on his cell phone and sitting on a bench in Foundry Park, near the corner of Grant Street and West Clarke Avenue, York City Police said.

Wallick...on trial for first-degree murder.
Wallick...on trial for first-degree murder.

The robbery went bad and Wallick shot Wallmuth in the back, police allege.

Openings: During opening statements Tuesday morning, Comery told jurors that a palm print lifted from the park bench where the victim had been sitting was a match to Wallick's palm print.

Comery said a witness will testify Wallick later bragged about the shooting and said, "He tried to smack the gun out of my hand, so I shot him. He wouldn't cooperate, so he ate the end of my gun."

But Cutaia told jurors most witnesses saw just "bits" of the shooting, and that the only person who has identified Wallick as the actual shooter was Santiago-Curet.

"He has every reason to lie," Cutaia said.

Wallick ID'd: Cori Pautz testified she was walking through the area with her sister and two other women and saw four males standing on Grant Street, one in a red T-shirt. The women also passed by Wallmuth.

Pautz said they heard a gunshot and she saw the male with the red T-shirt run past her. She said she and others ran to help Wallmuth.

The day after the homicide, Pautz was shown a photo lineup by police and picked out Wallick as being the man who ran past her in the red T-shirt after the shooting, she said.

Pautz's sister, Casie Pautz, testified Wallmuth told her, "He tried to take my phone."

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