Now that the YorkCounts indicators report has been released, it's up to the organizations and individuals of York County to take action where changes must be made.

"The report can really be used as a yardstick," said Loren Kroh, chairwoman of the YorkCounts committee.

The indicators reports were first done in 2001 as a way to gauge what Yorkers value for quality of life. Conducting the reports allows for a look at trends in each of the areas examined: education, health, economy, aging, environment and safety.

All of the indicators are relevant to keeping a focus on issues in the work force and community, Kroh said.

The report findings, which are available online at, are beneficial for individuals and for groups like the Realtor's association and the county commissioners, she added.

Aging: The number of people living longer is what stood out on the most recent report for Bill Hartman, a member of the YorkCounts Committee and president of the York County Community Foundation. YorkCounts became an initiative of the York County Community Foundation in 2011.

After seeing this year's report, Hartman said a committee at the foundation will begin to more aggressively focus on establishing aging-in-place programs in York, to help older York countians to remain independent.

Increased rates of obesity in York County were a notable part of the report, and since those numbers are increasing for the national population as well, Hartman said that's obviously an issue the community must look at.