York College is hosting a Vermont-based professor on Tuesday whose college has made national headlines for its consideration of slaughtering a team of retired oxen used on campus.

Philip Ackerman-Leist will give a presentation on "Local Eyes: Visioning the Not So Distant Future of Food" at 7 p.m. in Demeester Hall, with a book signing following for "Up Tunket Road." The public is invited.

Ackerman-Leist will discuss what it means to live locally. Green Mountain College, where Ackerman-Leist is associate professor of environmental studies , has its own farm to help their 825 students learn how to produce local food. The farm had a team of oxen, Bill and Lou, for about a decade, but Lou was injured over the summer.

College students there overwhelmingly decided it would be most humane to slaughter both Bill and Lou - oxen teams aren't interchangeable - but the decision has riled animal welfare activists and others around the world. The Associated Press reports the school has received more than three million emails since October about the decision, mostly in support of keeping the oxen alive.

Ackerman-Leist's talk was rescheduled, as his earlier visit was supposed to be in the midst of Superstorm Sandy.