The property of a well-known York City barber convicted of dealing drugs was supposed to be auctioned at noon Friday.

But lack of interest in the auction of 36 E. Princess St. led the state Attorney General's Office to cancel the event shortly before it was to begin, said York City Detective First Class Andrew Shaffer.

Officials are expected to reschedule the auction after the holidays, he said.

The property was the home and business of Marvin Fulton, 54, known as "Marty the Barber." He was convicted in September 2009 of felony drug dealing and sentenced to seven to 20 years in prison.

York City Police said an August 2008 raid on the property yielded more than $100,000 worth of cocaine and $53,492 in cash.

The property was seized under the nation's "zero tolerance" drug-dealing laws, which allow police to seize property purchased with illegal drug proceeds or used as part of a drug-dealing operation.