Jodi Weaver, left, and her daughter Katie of Codorus Township will graduate Tuesday night at YTI’s Lancaster campus.
Jodi Weaver, left, and her daughter Katie of Codorus Township will graduate Tuesday night at YTI's Lancaster campus. (Andrew Shaw photo)

Like many moms, Codorus Township's Jodi Weaver wanted to support her daughter as she visited her post-secondary options.

Unlike many moms, Jodi will end up graduating with her daughter.

Jodi and her daughter, Katie, are both graduating from the Dental Assisting Program about nine months after starting at YTI-Lancaster.

What started out as a campus visit ended up impressing both Weavers, and Jodi decided it was a good opportunity for her to get a new career after being laid off in 2011 as a receptionist.

First, though, Jodi, 46, said she was a little worried her 20-year-old daughter wouldn't be enamored with the idea of having her mom in the classroom.

"I asked 'Would I be cramping your style to be in your class?'" Jodi said.

No worries.

"She's like my best friend," Katie said. "It was a plus in the end. We could study together, carpool."

Graduation night: Tuesday is graduation night for 90 YTI-Lancaster students; YTI-York had its graduation on Wednesday for 120 students.

The Weavers' co-collegiate life started out with Katie first going to HACC. But she decided she wanted more hands-on work and a faster track to getting certified.

Katie got into YTI's morning session. Soon after, Jodi got switched from the afternoon to the morning session as they spent car rides quizzing each other. While Katie liked the lab work, she said her mom took to the book side of things.

"We had a little competition as far as grades," Jodi said with a laugh.

Katie also laughed as she thought of her mother getting antsy about grades even though she always made honor roll.

"She would freak if she got a 'B' on a test, and I'd just laugh at her," Katie joked.

Both have been hired as dental assistants already, so now they'll transition from the same school to similar careers.

"I like working with people," Jodi said, a sentiment echoed by her daughter.

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