Ray Alexander Rosario is no stranger to putting on a show.

The Dallastown man is a professional wrestler who entertains audiences around the region.

But most Yorkers probably know Rosario, 32, as the host of "This Is Our City," a show that's been on White Rose Community Television for years. He's also a Spanish-speaking translator and resource specialist for WellSpan.

Yet, when he was ready to propose to the woman he loves, Rosario struggled. After all, he's known since the day he met Justine Harr that she's not an easy woman to impress.

"I wanted something that she wouldn't see coming," he said. "I thought of 1,000 different ways."

Last weekend, while visiting with family at Harr's grandparents' house, Rosario coaxed his girlfriend to the television. About 40 members of Harr's family, all of them in on the surprise, stood around. Even as

Harr insisted it was time to socialize -- not watch television -- her family insisted they really wanted to see Rosario's show.

"They put it on anyway," she said, admitting she joined them reluctantly.

On the screen, Rosario was answering emails from viewers. The last one was an email from Harr's grandfather asking when Rosario planned on proposing to his granddaughter.

On air, he indicated it would happen now.

At that moment -- in person -- Rosario asked Harr to marry him. She, of course, said yes.

"I got her," Rosario said with a smile.

The couple plans a September 2013 wedding.

First meeting: During a recent interview, Rosario cracked jokes, while Harr smiled. Her eyes stayed fixed on her fiance while he told the story of how they met.

It was about a year ago. Rosario, who wrestles as Ray Alexander, had just finished a World Professional Wrestling match.

"I don't ever go to after parties, ever. I always go home because I'm always sore," Rosario said. "And (friends) dragged me to this restaurant."

Just like in the movies, Rosario noticed Harr from across the room. When she walked by his table, Rosario said he couldn't help but say out loud, "Wow, she's beautiful."

Twice more, Harr walked by. Each time, Rosario commented on her beauty -- loud enough for Harr to hear.

"I think I walked by him on purpose," she said.

Finally, she stopped. Then, she asked Rosario to stand up.

Coming up short? A solid 5-feet-9-inches tall, Rosario stood on his tippy toes, trying to shrink the height difference between himself and the 6-feet-1-inch beauty he was hoping to impress.

"And she walked away," he said. "All night I tried to get her attention."

Rosario didn't give up. He found Harr, a 24-year-old nurse at a local nursing home, on Facebook and struck up conversations. Eventually, Harr gave Rosario a second chance.

These days, the height difference isn't such a big deal to the couple.

"I just don't wear heels," Harr said.

Rosario said he spends a lot of time on his tippy toes -- "my calves look excellent" -- and he's experimenting with shoe inserts to give himself a little extra height.

"I'm hoping, before the wedding, I get a good pair," he said.

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