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Philbert E. Adams, York

Ethel M. Bailey, Stewartstown

Sheila F. Banks, York

Dean A. Becker, East Berlin

David B. Bottomley, Spring Grove

Robert S. Brackett Jr., Windsor

David E. Eshelman, Jacobus

Ronald A. Foreman, Hanover

Holly K. Fouse, York

Suzanne R. Holtzapple, Red Lion

Guy C. Keemer, Hallam

Ruth E. Krout, Walla Walla, Wash.

Barbara S. Maxwell, York

John R. McWilliams Sr., Hanover

Ernest L. Meckley, West York

Dolly M. Menges, East Berlin

Mary Jane Miller, York

Donna M. Ream, Manchester

DeEtta M. Shue, York

Marvelle M. Spotted-Elk, York

Suzanne E. Stallman, York

Robert L. Strausbaugh, York

Allen D. Swartzbaugh, York

Alfred L. Taylor, York

Dorothea M. Wallace, Manchester

Bettie J. Winter, York