Donald Kloch
Donald Kloch

A York County judge released a Peach Bottom Township man -- accused of trying to rape a woman and trying to kill her and two others -- on $1 bail Wednesday, but he wasn't happy about it.

"He was livid," defense attorney Farley Holt said of Common Pleas Judge Craig T. Trebilcock.

Donald Michael Kloch had been in York County Prison on $500,000 bail since May 16, according to prison records.

State law requires people be released on what's known as "nominal bail" ($1 bail) if their criminal cases have not made it to trial in 180 days. Those 180 days don't include delays caused by the defense.

Holt filed a motion asking Kloch be released, and a hearing was held Wednesday.

Senior deputy prosecutor Amy Eyster said the only way the judge could have refused to grant Kloch nominal bail would have been if he determined Kloch was a danger to society or that Kloch wouldn't show up for court hearings.

But Kloch has a minor criminal record that includes no violent offenses, she said, and so far the charges against him are merely allegations.

House arrest: So Eyster said she instead argued that Kloch be placed on house arrest, and Trebilcock agreed.

The judge ordered Kloch wear an electronic monitoring ankle cuff and be supervised by the county probation department, she said. He also ordered the county to pay the costs associated with house arrest, according to Holt.


"I'm hoping house arrest is enough to keep him in check," Eyster said.

According to Eyster, Kloch's case was delayed at the district-judge level, where a preliminary hearing had to be rescheduled twice because the lead investigator was unavailable.

"It ate up the majority of our time," she said.

The allegations: According to state police, Kloch brandished a double-barrel shotgun and tried to rape a 19-year-old woman in his home.

When she tried to flee, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back toward his bed, police allege. His shotgun went off, firing a round into the floor near the woman's feet, according to police.

Two men -- ages 60 and 62 -- rushed into the bedroom to help, at which point Kloch pushed the woman aside and pointed the shotgun at one of the men, police allege.

One of the men grabbed the gun with one hand, and both he and the other man struggled with Kloch, police said. During that scuffle two more rounds were fired, according to police; at least one went through a wall.

Disarmed? At that point the men disarmed Kloch, police said.

Before fleeing his home in boxer shorts and a T-shirt, Kloch told them, "I am going to kill you all if I find you," charging documents state.

Kloch, 51, of Clover Trail, remains charged with three counts each of attempted homicide, aggravated assault, simple assault, making terroristic threats and reckless endangerment, plus one count each of attempted rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, false imprisonment and unlawful restraint.

He maintains his innocence, Holt said.

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