Starting Friday, family visits should be just a little less stress-inducing for some York City residents.

Temporary parking passes are now available to the guests of residents who live on metered streets outside of the city's "core" district, Mayor Kim Bracey announced in a news release Thursday.

Now, instead of "running out every two hours to feed the meter or move the car," visitors can display the pass and remain ticket-free for up to five days, said Cheryl Rascoe, who heads the city's parking bureau.

Rascoe said she hopes the temporary parking passes are the solution to a problem residents frequently complain about.

The passes cost $20 - which may sound like a lot but is actually less than half of what it would cost to park for five days at a city meter, Rascoe said.

Residents can purchase the passes for their guests as many as five times a year.

"If residents request it more, we'll take another look at it," Rascoe said.

For more information, contact the parking bureau at (717) 849-2309.

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