For carrying out the chores of a biblically unpopular profession, tax collectors are paid by transaction.

Every bill mailed to a York County taxpayer gets a tax collector 75 cents. For every county taxpayer who pays the bill, the tax collector is paid $2.14.

That level of compensation won't change for at least the next four years, as York County Commissioners on Wednesday voted to shoot down the York County Tax Collectors Association's request for a raise.

With thousands of bills being mailed each year, county commissioners budgeted $475,000 to pay the tax collectors in the current budget. President Commissioner Steve Chronister said he couldn't justify the 19 percent increase requested when most county employees only got a 1 percent pay increase this year.

The association asked for an additional 20 cents per bill mailed and 35 cents per collection. That translates to an increase of $90,400, said county Administrator/Chief Clerk Chuck Noll.

Vice-President Commissioner Doug Hoke said he was committed to the pre-budgeted amount, and the county has asked all of its other service providers to "hold the line" for this year's budget.

There are three taxing entities in York County: the county, school districts, and municipalities. The school districts and municipalities also pay a per-transaction fee to the tax collectors, so those other entities could choose to increase the rates, Hoke said.

But the county's portion will stay the same.

Noll said the current rate was set in 2005.


Before 2001, tax collectors were paid 75 cents per mailing and $2.10 per collection. But the 2001 board of commissioners lowered the rate to 75 cents per mailing and $1.80 per collection. In 2005, the current rates were put in place, he said.

Manchester Township Tax Collector Jean Stambaugh, who represents the association, did not immediately return a call for comment.