Rabbit Transit is planning multiple service changes to several routes, including fixed routes and Rabbit Express service.

The new lineup comes as the bus company implements the second phase of a transit plan authored with the York County Planning Commission and intended to assess travel patterns in the Hanover and Manchester areas.

Those two areas were carved out of the first phase of the transportation improvement plan because they needed more attention, said Rich Farr, Rabbit's executive director.

"The Hanover service had not changed much over 20 years ... and (the area) has grown leaps and bounds over the past five years," he said.

The changes address new stores and employers that weren't being served.

If approved by the York-Adams Transportation Authority, the proposed changes would be effective on June 9.

The proposal includes scheduling changes to South York Route 7S, but the route remains the same.

On Rabbit Express 15N, the Gettysburg to Harrisburg route, the stop at Holy Spirit Hospital will be removed.

Other changes are as follows:

In Manchester: Routes 14N, 18N, and 19N will be affected.

---The 14N Monday-Friday evening schedule has become the new 18N schedule, with Saturday times and route remaining the same.

---On Routes 18N and 19N, trips begin earlier in the morning to accommodate shift times.

---The last two afternoon trips are eliminated because of low ridership.


In Hanover: Routes 16, 21 and 22 would be affected.

---Route 16 routing changes for more access into the Penn Township Industrial Park.

---Additional early trips between employment areas of Kindig Lane and High Street in the morning.

---The same number of trips between York and Hanover, but morning trips are 30 minutes earlier.

---Routes 21 and 22 are combined into several different routes known as Route 20N, Route 20S and Route 22N.

For input: For complete details about the changes, visit www.rabbittransit.org or the Rabbit Transit Transfer Center, 213 W. King St.

The public can comment on changes until May 1, by sending comments to:

Service Changes, Rabbit Transit, 1230 Roosevelt Ave., York, 17404.

Comment forms are also available at the transfer center.

-- Reach Christina Kauffman at ckauffman@yorkdispatch.com.