Change is desperately needed on the Springettsbury Township Board of Supervisors.

Go to the Operation Take Back Springettsbury Township 2013 website ( to see the many issues involving the board and the manager.

A small group of people have had control of the township for two decades. Current Supervisor Mike Bowman is not running for re-election and Supervisor Don Bishop has withdrawn his name from the race. Therefore, on May 21, 2013, the citizens will have the opportunity to vote for two new supervisors. It is critical that we elect two candidates who have no affiliation with the current majority of the board of supervisors (Bill Schenck, Bishop and Bowman.)

You only need to know that the current majority of the board is supporting candidates Mark Swomley and John Bumsted to understand that these are the two people they have "chosen" to continue with this domination of the board and control of the township.

Candidates Kathleen Phan and Bob Yanover have pledged to serve with integrity and transparency, and they have my vote.

John W. Lauver

Springettsbury Twp.