I have been a Springettsbury Township supervisor for over 19 years. Through that entire time and a number of elections, it has always been one of my highest priorities to do whatever I could to ensure that the township had excellent elected leaders. I was never of the opinion that I was the only person for the job, but I was committed to making sure that there were always good, quality candidates for us to pick from.

This year I reluctantly filed to put my name on the ballot for the May primary election. As soon as I saw the slate of candidates for the two open seats on the Board of Supervisors, I decided that there were enough good candidates to allow me to safely withdraw and let new leaders take over.

This is an important election. Springettsbury Township is one of the most successful and best-managed local governments in York County and probably far beyond. I hope that the people of Springettsbury take this opportunity to get to know the candidates, their experience and their motivation in order to make an informed choice about new leadership in Springettsbury.

Don Bishop

Springettsbury Twp.