Each York County voter should ask: Could I get a job for which I did not have the experience that would have allowed me to acquire the skills involved? Most of us would likely say "No."

But, is not former Todd Platts seeking to do just that?

The former congressman is asking us to hire him as a judge. He would preside over an area of endeavor -- the practice of law-- he worked in only briefly 20 years ago. And, he would have us remove from the court a now-sitting judge, Michael Flannelly, who, over that period, both in the private practice of law and on the bench, has earned the respect of those familiar with him.

Isn't it fair to wonder whether during the last 12 years, the perks available to a member of Congress but not the rest of us, might have given the former congressman a sense of entitlement?

Entitlement to an exemption from having to climb the ladder leading to his goal like anyone else -- gaining experience and skill in a craft -- before being hired, at least hired for the top job.

Judge Flannelly has done that. Shouldn't anyone who wants to be a judge?

Harry L. McNeal Jr.

York City