Ellen Freireich cares about York Suburban.

She was an active school board member for 16 years. During that time, Ellen's dedication never ended. Ellen can be seen at so many school functions. For instance, she attends sporting events, concerts, art shows, Senior Guest Day (to be there when a child's grandparent can't be there), fundraisers, dance-a-thons and more.

Honestly, Ellen is at more events than I am -- and I have five children.

She is there not because she gets paid (because school board members are not paid), she is there because she genuinely cares about our York Suburban community. Dedicated is not a strong enough word to describe Ellen and her commitment to York Suburban.

That is why she has my vote. I strongly encourage others, with or without children in the district, to gauge the other candidates' involvement to see if they are as involved in our district as Ellen.

Gerri Thoman

Springettsbury Twp.