A hotly contested borough council race in West York will give residents their choice of 11 candidates in Tuesday's primary.

All told, eight Republicans and three Democrats are seeking four open seats on the council.

While there are a number of candidates, the Democratic race is essentially decided.

Incumbent Brian Wilson and challengers Walt Anderson and former councilman Joseph Mummert will move on to the general election since they are the only three Democrats seeking the four seats.

They will face the top four Republican vote-getters in the November election.

Incumbents Shelley Metzler and Shane Louthian will be joined on the

primary ballot by Mary Wagner, Nick Laughman, Josef Urich, Tim Berkheimer, Thomas Koons and Skip Franklin.

The race for the mayor's office will also likely be decided on Tuesday and will be just as heated. Council members and the mayor will serve four-year terms.

Mayoral race: Incumbent Sam Firestone will meet fellow Republican Charles "Chuck" Wasko, a former councilman, on the primary ballot.

In 2010, Wasko was appointed to fill a vacant seat on the council but failed to retain the seat in 2011 when he lost in the general election. He was not affiliated with a political party in that election.

But now the 62-year-old Republican candidate said he's ready to get back on the council and do the will of the people.

"I was on council before, and I saw what was going on. You have four people that don't hold the public's interest," Wasko said.


For the past couple of years, West York council meetings have been tense and, at times, contemptuous as residents and some members of council haven't always see eye-to-eye.

Wasko retired from a maintenance position at York County Prison.

Firestone also has experience serving on the council. Firestone was appointed to the post in 2003 after a councilman resigned. Also that year, Firestone won the seat in the election and served out the remaining two years of the term.

In 2005, he won mayoral race and was re-elected to a second term in 2009.

Firestone did not return numerous calls for comment.

Services: Wasko said he'll see to it that the borough will continue to offer the services it does to residents.

"As long as I'm the mayor, we're going to have West York Police, West York Fire Department, West York Highway and the office staff because that's what the people want," Wasko said.

Earlier this year, the council requested proposals from a number of local police departments for cost for service. Only York City and Northern York County Regional police departments replied to the request, and the council voted to destroy the documents before they were opened during a meeting.

In March, the council inked a three-year contract with its police officers, essentially keeping the department for the duration of the contract.

Wasko said he's not entirely opposed to a regional police service; it just has to be done right.

"I would say yes if it's countywide but not if it's only few departments," he said.

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