Anyone who follows high school sports will understand when I say there are just some things that are a given.

You expect them.

You aren't surprised when they happen.

It's a given, for example, that York Catholic is going to have an outstanding girls' basketball team from one season to the next. Red Lion and Delone Catholic, too.

It's a given that Spring Grove and Red Lion and Dallastown and West York will field good baseball teams most years. Northeastern and Delone Catholic, too, come to think of it.

It's a given that Central York and Northeastern are going to compete for the York County, District 3 and state championships in volleyball four out of five seasons.

It's a given that Susquehannock is going to be the class of the league in girls' softball more seasons than not. And Central York, too.

It used to be a given that Hanover, Dover and West York would be the pride of York County in wrestling. Not anymore. Now, and for a while, it's been Spring Grove.

It's a given that South Western, York High, Red Lion and Central York athletes are going to turn in outstanding performances in track and field. Girls and boys. Year after year after year.

And it's a given that York Suburban and Dallastown and Spring Grove and Dover will overwhelm us with their excellence in swimming.

And on and on and on.

Not that it happens every year. Not that other teams don't break through for a season or two of excellence in a particular sport. It happens.

But some schools, some programs, some teams just seem to come to mind when we speak of a particular sport. Is there anyone, for example, who for 20 years or so didn't immediately think of York Catholic when the topic of discussion was boys' basketball? And in more recent years, York High?


Then, the unexpected happens. And when it does, it's such a blessing because it's an amazing change of pace.

Kennard-Dale, in the same spring season, has two girls' teams making a run at District 3 championships -- softball and lacrosse.

Kennard-Dale, of course, is the York-Adams League Division III champion this year in softball. On Tuesday, they were one of eight York-Adams teams to participate in District 3 Tournament first-round action, and they were the only team of the eight to win, 14-4, over Shippensburg.

Thank Teanna Webb for that, I guess. She drove in half of the Rams' 14 runs. Let's not forget, too, that Julia D'Arrigo pitched a complete-game win.

Is Kennard-Dale the best team in the York-Adams League this year? No. I think it's fair to suggest Central and its 20-3 record was the cream of the crop this year and last. And it was the York-Adams Tournament champion.

But Central is out. Same for Red Lion and Spring Grove and Dallastown in the AAAA bracket. Likewise for Susquehannock and Dover and Littlestown. All done.

Kennard-Dale is one of two -- the other is Delone Catholic -- local teams left standing.

It is worthy of mention, too, that Kennard-Dale's girls are more than holding their own in the District 3 lacrosse tournament. In fact, they won the semifinal game over Hempfield, 19-17, on Tuesday.

Kennard-Dale's girls are 22-1 on the season, easily the best team in the York-Adams League. For the second time, they've qualified for the PIAA state tournament.

Win, lose or draw, as they advance through both District 3 tourneys, it's been a successful spring season for Kennard-Dale's girls.

A high school sports dynasty in the making? Perhaps.

Five or 10 years down the road, I could be thinking it's a given that Kennard-Dale's girls are the team to beat in lacrosse in the York-Adams League and beyond.

And not even think twice about it.

Sports columns by Larry A. Hicks, Dispatch columnist, run Thurs days. E-mail: lhick