How very timely that Larry Hicks wrote about recognition for lives turned around on May 22. That very day, at OLLI (Osher Life Long Learning Institute) at Penn State York, I attended a lecture by Dr. Eric Ling, professor of behavioral science at York College. Eric spoke to us about gangs and their prevalence in our society. We had vigorous participation by the attendees about the topic of when and how do you interact in a child's life in order to steer them away from the paths of gangs and violence.

The optimum time to do this is at age 2. If one waits until the child is 6 or 8 or 10, it is not nearly as effective or may not be effective at all.

Then we discussed the ways to make a difference and the very topic that Larry brought up was considered to be one of the very best ways. That being programs such as the Turnaround Achievement Awards. So often it comes down to validation and acknowledgement of the child in a good way.

I commend the York Area Bowling Proprietors' Association and I commend Dr. Ling for his work in the classroom teaching law enforcement students at York College.

Judy Orcutt

Spring Garden Twp.