It's not surprising to read about students pushing colleges across the country to divest from fossil fuels ("Fossil free fight" in the May 23 York Dispatch). Given lack of leadership on climate change in Washington, young people are stepping up and fighting for their futures.

The news from climate scientists is not good, and it seems every week we see pictures of American citizens standing in a pile of rubble where their house used to be after the latest climate change-induced extreme weather disaster. The science is clear, 97 percent of scientists doing the research agree the globe is warming, and it is due to the massive quantities of CO2 we are dumping into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels.

The corporate world is also noticing Congress' lack of action on climate change, and more than 40 corporations are urging action by signing a climate pledge that leads off: "Tackling climate change is America's greatest economic opportunity of the 21st century (and it's simply the right thing to do)." Signers of the pledge include GM, Nike, Unilever, Swiss Re, Nestle, GAP and Starbucks. The pledge goes on to address the climate change denial seemingly prevalent in our society by stating: "We cannot risk our kids' futures on the false hope that the vast majority of scientists are wrong."

What is needed is a price on carbon emissions that reflects the damage being done to society from our dependence on fossil fuels, damages such as respiratory illness and deaths from air pollution and disaster relief.


Homeowners can divest their own homes from fossil fuels by switching to electricity provided by clean, renewable energy. Visit to make the switch and protect your children's health and futures, because they will have to live with the consequences of our decisions.

Jon Clark

Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator

Citizens Climate Lobby