The York City School Board might have its new superintendent and two new board members selected by the end of the month.

The district lost its superintendent, Deborah Wortham, and two school board members, James Morgan and Aaron Willford, after each suddenly and unexpectedly resigned in mid-May.

The board is in the process of replacing each, having received two applications last Friday for the two board vacancies, according to the district.

Board president Margie Orr said a teacher and a former board member applied for Morgan's and Willford's seats, and will likely be installed at the Monday meeting should everything go as planned.

Orr declined to release the names of the applicants until she had a chance to speak with them about the process.

Morgan announced his resignation "for personal and health" reasons, while Willford cited displeasure with the direction of the board as his reason.

The board has only 30 days from the date of the resignations to appoint replacements, which gives it to the end of next week.

Superintendent coming: The board also might be announcing a replacement for Wortham at the June 19 meeting.

Orr said a permanent superintendent candidate could be announced at the meeting, although she declined to say who was in the running. It's also possible the candidate may only be for an interim position.

Orr said there isn't time to waste with a long search process, considering the district is


in the middle of a state-mandated financial recovery process.

"At this juncture, if we go out there and do another search, it's going to cost money, and we don't have any," Orr said. "We want someone here as soon as possible."

The superintendent wouldn't be formally installed until July, she said.

Wortham had been there only two years before she left to taken a superintendent's job in Long Island, just weeks after a plan she spearheaded to transform the district got support from a state-appointed chief recovery officer. The plan is supposed to address academic and financial woes of the district.

Orr said she has been pleased with how the assistant superintendents have stepped up in the meantime.

"I'm very pleased with the progress they are making," Orr said.

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