The Northeastern School Board approved a final budget with a slightly lower tax hike than previously projected.

Taxes will go up by 2.7 percent to 24.92 mills, or $66 in additional taxes for a $100,000 homeowner, as part of the $57 million 2013-14 budget, according to district officials. The budget was approved in late May.

Northeastern managed to eliminate a $2 million deficit in the preliminary budget in part by cuts.

Northeastern eliminated two teaching positions and cut middle school Spanish, but did preserve its aquatics program and full-day kindergarten after an outpouring of community support.

New sources of revenue helped eliminate the deficit, too. A $50 activity fee per student for participation in at least one extracurricular activity was approved to add about $93,000 in revenue.

It's the first time Northeastern will charge such a fee, although it's becoming common in York County.

Northeastern's tax cap was 2.3 percent, but the district has an exception to raise taxes as high as 3.6 percent. The board's final proposed budget had called for a tax hike of 3.1 percent.

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