Recently, the Pennsylvania State Board of Dentistry suspended the license of a York County dentist for unsatisfactory infection control practices. This in no way reflects the careful training and stringent protocol that dental team members use on a daily basis to ensure the safety of our patients.

The Pennsylvania Dental Association and York County Dental Society have long recommended that, consistent with state regulation, all practicing dentists, dental team members and dental laboratories follow the standard infection control precautions specified by the Centers for Disease Control. Studies show that following these proper procedures greatly reduces any risk to patients to the point of an extremely remote possibility.

Before a patient enters the examination room, all surfaces, dental instruments, instrument trays and dental chairs have been cleaned and sterilized. Dental staff members involved in patient care wear appropriate gloves, masks and eyewear and are trained to follow procedures required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Patient safety is our highest priority. We encourage and recommend that patients talk with your dentist about infection control. We have a high standard of safety and cleanliness in our offices, and always want to ensure that patients understand the protocols in place to maintain this standard.

R. Donald Hoffman


Pennsylvania Dental Association


Brian E. Bowser


York County Dental Society